Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A New Month - January achievements and February Goals

Wow, the beginning of a new month, and it is February already.

Thinking about my broad goals for the year, I had some mini goals set for January - which I think were achieved.

  • I caught up with {most of} my VQR sampler blocks:

I just have to add that pinwheel blocks are among my least favourite block.  Mainly because the center of the pinwheel is the focus point, and it is so hard to get really good points on this area.  So, to combat this I firstly chose two fabrics that were of similar contrast - with the idea of softening any less than perfect areas, and chose a stronger contrast fabric in the outer point position to lead the eye away from the centre.  Secondly I used a small amount of spray starch before sewing.  This helped it stay somewhat in place (not distort as it was being sewn) and I'm happy to report that I ended up with probably the best pinwheel I have ever sewn.  Still not going to make a whole quilt with these pesky blocks though!

  • I finished the binding on the Constellation quilt, and yes, it is on the bed!  Love.  Love.  Love.

  • 3 1/2 of the 4 My Tweets blocks had their blanket stitch completed.  I was hoping to get all four finished, but just didn't quite make it.  However, still happy with that progress.
  • Tillies Lane Month Two goals were achieved!

  • Beep Beep! was finished and gifted!  Plus I received a beautiful thank you card which was lovely.

  • I finished four more Starburst Cross blocks on the weekend, which makes 13 out of 25 completed.

  •  And got two more of the Sugar club blocks upsized.

OK, goals for February.

  • Month Three of Tillies Lane.  This involves one large applique block, one small applique block and twenty four small hourglass blocks - which are ideal as leader/enders.  I've started pulling scraps already.

  • VQR block - exploding star

  •  Starburst Cross blocks - I have 6 more fabric combinations left, which means twelve blocks to complete.  It would be nice to get 6 blocks completed this month, but maybe four would be more realistic?  I'll have to see how this goes.

  • Sugar Club blocks - upsize these three blocks with the plain strips so that they will just be needing the final round of triangles added another month.

For example:

  • My Tweets: cut and apply the fusible applique for Block 11.  Complete blanket stitch another month.

I did sort of start a new project - playing with this small fabric bundle.

I couldn't work out how to get this bundle big enough to make a quilt from it, because I just didn't want to add extra fabric.  What I worked out was that I didn't want to add any extra feature fabric, but more neutral/grey/low volume fabric was OK.

Once I had made that distinction, it was a small leap to find this pattern on the cover of this book.

And I'm already making progress.  The blocks are quick and easy to put together, although I'm not sure exactly how I'll set these blocks... as I have added a couple of extra fabrics compared to the pattern, and I want to make it a bit bigger, but it will come to me.

And today was Nadia's first day at college - Year 7.  She was all very excited and wow, how grown up looking flash in her uniform.


  1. Wow you have made a fabulous start to the year..........and yes there went January! Your daughter is getting taller.....good for holding up quilts to be photographed :-)

  2. Love the colour palette of the newest WIP! And you did achieve a lot in January....

  3. Wow...that was quite a bit of quilting progress in January...and lots of great projects getting underway! So there are uniforms for college? Our military colleges are the only colleges with uniforms...interesting. Does your daughter have a course of study she is concentrating her efforts?

  4. Gosh Suzanne, you are really plowing through it all - well done on meeting your goals (almost) - wishing you luck with the next month's goals too! Hope Nadia is enjoying highschool, she does look very grown up!