Saturday, April 1, 2017

It's still the end of the month somewhere in the world, right?

The week leading up to the 31st of March is D-Day week in the Accounting world in New Zealand.  To say it has been a stressful few days (well, it's actually been stressful since January, it just gets more intense) would be an understatement.  Hence, sewing was a bit stretched out and patchy, and I needed the first day of April to get those last few pesky jobs finished.

VQR Sampler Blocks - Mosaic No 8 has been finished!  Woot.  Again, I used a quick spritz of spray starch to the pieces before construction, and it helped prevent distortion while sewing.  I chose to press all the seams open for this one, and it turned out relatively precise.

Goal for April... this paper foundation pieced block.  I see Monika has already snuck ahead again...

Tillies Lane:  I had a tiny bit of blanket stitch to finish on the wreath block, so that got finished up this morning.

April's blocks are this jug block, two petal applique blocks and 12 hour glass blocks.

My Tweets:  Goal for April is to construct the applique on Block 12 (really block 11 because I switched the last two block positions).  I really like this noughts and crosses background fabric... so cute.

Sugar Club:  Goal for April is to get this block finished, plus get the last square centered block upsized.  That will leave just one block left that will need to be upsized.

Starburst Cross Quilt: with the changes I have made to this one, I have another five blocks to piece.  We'll see how this goes, but would be "nice" to get this pieced.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge:  This month the colour is "multicoloured fabric"... so that will be interesting.  This could be the opportunity to choose one of the blocks that have larger pieces... and really go to town on the fabrics.

New Baby Quilt:  and just because there are never enough quilting projects... the baby quilt has been added to the list.  What sewing I have done this week has been on this, and really I have made good progress.

I've just got another multicoloured strip and a white strip to add to the bottom (to make it that much more usable rectangular shape), and I'm thinking I'll be ready to get to the quilting stage.  Have I mentioned that I really like this quilt pattern???  Ideal world... goal for April... get this finished.


  1. that's tone of progress! Love that baby quilt, what's the pattern again??

  2. Cute baby quilt! Time zips by much too quickly!

  3. Love the way the new baby quilt turned out! It looks great with that coloured squares border!

  4. I like the way you're upsizing the blocks for the Sugar Club project, and Tillie's Lane - that one is so pretty.

  5. Love that baby quilt! It is a really cool pattern.