Sunday, June 18, 2017


This month I had two VQR blocks to complete - to catch up with Monika... the last two from the book (20 different blocks).  One was the second block we were supposed to make... but I had problems with the paper piecing... and didn't like it, so put it aside and forgot about it for as long as possible.

Using some of my new paper foundation piecing experience (both from this quilt and the Sugar Club blocks), I re-printed the paper templates, and this time printed the template piece (which was only supposed to be a cutting template for the large fans), and attached it to my paper foundation.  Then I paper pieced four identical sections.  I also chose fabrics which would hopefully help hide any imperfections.

Woot!  We have success!

My join was still moderately dodgy... but those clever fabrics mean you can't really see it.  It was 100% better than my first attempt with different fabrics.

And the difference with Monika's block is amazing... you view it totally differently.

The second block I needed to make was another paper pieced one.  Great!  But actually, I really like it.

Because my ultimate quilt layout only needed 36 blocks (for a 6 x 6 grid with sashing), I didn't need to finish these particular blocks for my own quilt.  I am tempted to complete this last block for myself, but I don't even know if I have enough fabric to do the same layout.  And if I did make the block, well, I'd need to decide which block it would substitute.

It is so hard to get a good photo of these large layouts, but I'm pretty happy with things so far.  Now for the sashing!

I've also put a few more borders onto my My Tweets blocks, so now I've got the centre panel finished, and the two top blocks attached.  What a moment!

I must admit to being a bit scared of trimming the large centre panel down to size, but finally bit the bullet and just did it.  I did measure twice, or maybe three times before I cut though!  I wanted variety in my sashing - so that it was interesting - but still keep it relatively mid-toned. 

The fabrics I've chosen as sashing have all been used else where on the quilt... well, except for the outer border on the centre panel - that was from leftover border fabric from my Bluebirds and Berries quilt, but it fits in perfectly with this collection of fabrics too.

I have also had some sneaky packages arrive in the mail.

A sale at Grandmothers Garden netted the following metre pieces.  All interesting and useful... but of no purpose at this stage.

From left "Tangier"for Clothworks: different designs in Blue and Cream, African Sky Fabrics, A Quilters Garden by Bird Brain Designs

Fat Quarter Shop also had a sale, and I picked up these patterns.

And a new book which has some good ideas.

And a new solid - Essex Linen in Steel.

I'm thinking that Nadia is probably due for a new quilt at some stage, as although she still uses both her quilts, she's probably outgrown the princess one below...

And this one is just so faded it is almost impossible to photograph.

So the Frances Firefly pattern is looking tempting.  And the Urban Grunge pattern is just so blokey...


  1. Frances Firefly is an awesome design! Your Tweets sure is looking classy. From where I sit your points look very crisp and spot on.

  2. If you'd shown me those two starbursty blocks not side by side I would have sworn they were different blocks! And I like the look of that think big book.