Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Design Inspiration

I have been "being persistent" with my medallion quilt construction, using the Midnight at the Oasis pattern as my design inspiration, and feel like I am finally making progress again.  Applique borders can feel like they go on forever!  And I was really happy when I got to the end of that stage.

This is how things are looking at the moment.

Once these borders shown are complete it will measure 70" square

And this is my design inspiration.

Some people may struggle to see how the two relate, as the centre medallion is completely different, as is the next border, and I haven't really used any of the quilts measurements.  Then the applique border is similar, then I've missed a border, and made a concession also on the next border... like... is any of it the same???

I have loosely used the "idea" of the original design... starting with an orphan block as my centre, and used elements of the design that I've liked, and left out those elements I've not been so keen on.  I knew I didn't want to use the same "melon peel" design as first pieced/applique border (even though I really like it), as I felt it clashed with the shape of the applique pieces in my centre, but I liked the idea of a small pieced block, and decided to go with the butterflies instead.  This gave plenty of opportunity to add lots of colours (the centre panel only had 5 fabrics plus background), which have then been repeated in the applique, and the checkerboard borders - and looks like it is all meant to be.  I've used the sashing repeats per the original, although I have included a small coloured border in a couple of sections where I felt it needed an extra pop of colour, and also to help with sizing issues.

As the quilt has gotten larger, I decided to keep things as simple as possible, so am working on a two row checkerboard section next... (using the idea of the three row checkerboard which is in the fourth border in the original - but with a bit less fuss and definitely less matching)!  You can see how the black and white sketch fabric helps to highlight each border, and also gives a nice resting place from all the fun colours.

So what's going to come next?  Well, I am definitely not going to do this log cabin style block... that's just too much fiddley piecing as this stage of the game, and I do hope to get this finished before Xmas.  As I need to make this quilt single bed size - so turn it into a rectangle, I am going to add a pieced border top and bottom only.  The details still need to evolve.

Moving onto other news... after a bit of tidying and reorganising, my Triangle quilt has become the "Viper Quilt".

And I've got two of the Month Four blocks completed... (need to print off another foundation pattern to make the second set of blocks)...

 ... and progress so far.

And after a new shoe purchase, I contemplate at what age one should cease wearing glittery shoes?

Definitely glittery!


  1. My medallion quilt is in the must get back to stage, your applique border is beautiful. Never too old for glittery shoes, I wish all those beautiful sequin ones you see young girls wearing came in grown up sizes.

  2. Looking great, the quilts and the glittery shoes!

  3. Never stop wearing glittery shoes! Never!

  4. Sure love your version of the medallion quilt. It's excellent!

  5. Your Medallion quilt is evolving beautifully. Viper is looking great too! One is never too old for glittery shoes!

  6. I think you should stop wearing glittery shoes when you turn 120. :) Suz, your medallion quilt is gorgeous! I love your colors, and all your rounds are playing together so nicely. That band of pink inserted with the one gray border adds a perfect touch of perkiness to the gray-border theme, and the applique is just lovely next to the butterflies. I also really like the effect of alternating lots-of-white and dense-color feature borders. In love :)

  7. Your medallion quilt is very pretty and I can see vaguely how you have been inspired by the Midnight quilt. That is half the fun of it all, the thinking and creative process :-) I like how you have named the triangle project and sure, I think you will rock those glittery shoes!!