Thursday, October 25, 2018

My favourite tool I couldn't be without!

People often comment on my piecing accuracy and I think this is half because I am quite conscious of choosing blocks and quilts based on how blocks go together, and how easy they are to get good results, and half because I use triangle rulers and avoid many of the quick piecing methods.

My all time favourite tool is this mini corner trimming ruler by Marti Michell.

See how by lining up the edges of any sized half square or quarter square triangle it allows you to trim the bunny ears off?

When sewing triangles onto a square in this formation, usually you need to guess how far the triangle needs to overhang the square and hope for the best.

By trimming that end piece, it allows the triangle to fit perfectly aligned to the square.

Woohoo... magic.  Pressing these units open makes them super flat but also gives great visibility for matching upcoming seam intersections.

And a perfectly formed unit!


  1. I've heard these tools are super-handy but never actually used one...I think I would prefer to have these trimmed corners than do the guesswork like I usually do - which in turn leads to unpicking as it wasn't quite right....!

  2. Your accurate piecing and excellent explanation makes for a very convincing argument Suz!

  3. I am not a gadget person, but I can see the benefits of this one.