Monday, December 24, 2018

Planning and more planning

So, I thought I'd just go out and buy a diary, and off I'd go with my new planning activities.  I even looked into a Quilters Planner, but decided it was too expensive for an experiment, plus I didn't think I'd use all of the tools it provided.

But... could I find a diary I liked and wasn't horrifically expensive?  No!  So next best thing, I bought an unlined, hardcover notebook and printed some free calendar pages.

Basically, I'm going to use my Washi tape and stick in lists, photos and other pages as I make them up to create a visual journal of my year of progress.  Working with my master list of projects, I'll break it down into monthly focus activities in the notes section on the left hand side, and then work on weekly or daily activities on the calendar squares.  It is all about making progress and getting over some of the procrastination hurdles I always seem to throw up for myself.  Just like a kid I'm going to use stickers to reward myself for good work... I think it's going to be fun!

A few weeks ago I started a list of existing projects that I'd really like to work on again.  This list seems to keep evolving and looking back through my blog has only reminded me of more to add!

However, starting with Projects To Quilt, we have:

1. Finish quilting the quilts that are already started - Cross Tiles quilt and RSC2017 quilt.

2.  Sugar Club Quilt.  Made the huge decision to get this professionally long arm quilted in an edge to edge style.  Even just thinking about working with such a big quilt was getting me down so this is the perfect solution and I think the design will work well with a pantograph.

3.  2017 Summer Trip with Me Around the World quilt.  I have a quilting plan for this... always a bonus!

4.  Tillies Lane.

5. Vintage quilt revival sampler

6.  Bernina Triangle quiltalong.

7. North Star quilt

This is only really scratching the surface of the pile of tops I have to quilt.  And, I also know that this list is ridiculously long to complete in a year considering that I intend to do a whole pile of other sewing too.  But, pulling these out to photograph means I also had the opportunity to note down what other work was required on them, some need borders to be finished, others need their foundation papers removed... all jobs I can schedule.  I think this next year is going to be exciting.


  1. I love your idea for a planning calendar with stickers! I too, have been thinking of trying to come up with a plan of action for 2019. That's as far as I have gotten in my plans...thinking I should make a plan!

  2. I love your plan Suz! Seven quilts to quilt is so doable, maybe one every six or seven weeks, with all your other sewing in between! See, very doable! Just think of all those stickers you’ll be rewarded with !!!

  3. Sounds like a great plan for all your beautiful quilts. I really like Tillie's Lane. Even if you don't get to them all, having goals at least makes sure you make progress on them. And like you said, you can see where things stand.