Friday, January 4, 2019

Cross Tile Quilt... Progress Is Happening!

Sometimes it is the weirdest things that create creative roadblocks... preventing you from making progress.

With the Cross Tile quilt, I had made a good start with the quilting - edge stitching in the background around the tile shapes with my walking foot, and had started hand quilting around the crosses in the sashing.  BUT because I didn't know what I was going to do next, I just stopped working on it.  Weird!  So it has just sat there for literally months as a constant reminder.

Part of my planning process for this year is to push myself past these roadblocks and just get things moving again.  After borrowing the Westalee quilting foot and ruler from a friend, I spent a bit of time familiarizing myself with the feel of the product, trialled a couple of ideas... and away I went.

My design is neither amazing or perfectly executed, but I can complete each tile in one run... with only one starting and stopping point and as a learning experience it is good because there is movement in every direction.

Working my way around the quilt in columns, I quilted the first two columns  (starting from the far right hand side) of this 5x5 grid as my first target.  Then after rotating the quilt a quarter turn, my second target was 6 blocks in the new far right two columns... and now I'm working on the next quarter turn 6 blocks.  Just quietly... this means its not that far from being finished!  Roadblocks are NOT my friend!

I'm not sure whether I will add more quilting to these designs, I quite like the idea of pebbles or small spirals highlighting the small star in the centre... but that's thinking for another day... and that's OK!


  1. Oh yes, Road blocks - I know all about those too, but well done on pushing yourself over the hump! I see a finish in your future!

  2. Sometimes we just have to wait for inspiration to strike! I'm sure the finish is not far away...!