Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Little Projects

Round Three of the internation round robin through The Patchwork Studio in Australia has now gone into the post today.  I officially received permission to show Cathy's block so here it is in all it's glory.  The third set of instructions were to add the setting triangles and use applique to represent something iconic about where you live. 

I quite like the way the buzzy bees are angled - as if they are coming
right out of the block!  As it turns out, nothing really wanted to be on
the blue setting triangles - so they can either be a "quiet" space, or an area
to display lovely quilting perhaps?
 I have also signed up for a row by row round robin through our local guild.  Instructions for the first part of this are to construct your initial row using whatever techniques you desire to make a 8x40" row.  Following rows are constructed using the guidelines by the other quilters in your group, although the rows won't be attached to the initial row until everything has been done, thereby allowing the owner to add sashing or other rows to make them perfectly unique.

I think I'll call mine "The Leftover Pieces" as it utilises all the strange left over bits
from my layer cake quilt.  Still some leaves to add, and also something on the end of
the vines across the bottom - haven't decided whether to make big leaves, or another sort
of bloom.
 I have also been trying to take a photo of my enormous stars and log cabins quilt which is now fully sewn, with just the enormous task of quilting to do.  Taking a photo is easier said than done as it is just too darn big!

This was hanging on the clothes line on a relatively windy day so it kept
pulling the quilt bottom backwards!  I obviously need to get more creative... watch
this space...
 And talking about the layer cake quilt, here it is... all border issues now finalised - thank you everyone for your advice.  I wanted to make it longer top and bottom so that it fitted nicely on the bed - but the quilt just didn't want to do that.  The quilt always wins!  I ended up removing the previous border, then adding a narrow brown border which uses three different fabrics (and hopefully highlights the variety of browns that are in the blocks and border), then finally adding my "not quite as large as I had originally intended but big enough" border and this one can now also go on the waiting to be quilted pile.

I really should have turned this one as the rectangles do face long-ways down... although
then the background would have been odd??
 That's about all from me.  We survived sickness and the school holidays.  Everyone has now returned to their normal weekday routines - thank goodness!

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