Monday, May 23, 2011

Will power and won't power

I always laugh at that ad that has the girl, the cake, the dog and the blue shoes... you know the one - talking about the will power - and then... the won't power. 

When I decided to take the plunge and register for 2013 Symposium, there was a realisation that this would cost money - real big money.  But also that I have two years to save for it.  So I have set up an automatic payment and should have a nice nest egg by the time I need it.  I also realised that I would need to watch my pennies, and be more conservative in my quilting purchases.  This was the will power. 

Now for the won't power - then The PowerQuilter shut down and had a never to be seen again sale... I tried ever so hard to be good and bought very sensible fabrics - but somewhere along the line also spent an enormous amount of money. 

Then there was a BOM advertised that I adored and just had to have the pattern for...

A beautiful Gail Pan design quilt with piecing and applique.  There are eight
blocks in total - here are the first two.  She is Australian, check her blog.
 and some time ago I bought some chairs off TradeMe for $60 for two, and tracked down fabric that I wanted them covered in... and they arrived today all nice and reupholstered... oh well...

Now I must mention the wonderful shop where I got my pattern from... The Country Yard is on Mangakahia Rd not far from Whangarei and they are just the greatest.  I emailed to find out if they stocked it - they didn't - but said they could get it and how much it would cost - and it arrived a few days later all wrapped up with a gift tag on it.  I have been drooling, and will one day decide which of my lovely fabrics will get cut up.


  1. The chairs turned out great!
    I know exactly what you mean about the resolutions - I should just blame you for tempting me into quilting in the first place, if you wouldn't make such neat stuff I might never have started haha LoL. Or let's blame Ms. Lottie for showing us what neat things one can make from their stash without buying - only to realise that one needs to add to one's stash to be able to make things Lol :-)
    Love quilting, love reading and talking about quilts - life might be BORING otherwise xoxo

  2. Glad you got your patterns Ok, Kerryn and I had a drool over them when she wrapped them up for you.Yes you are right, The Country Yard IS a cool shop!
    Good luck with the will power, I'm sure you can do it.:-)

    P.S....we did wipe the drool off the patterns!