Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Busy busy weekend

It has been another busy busy weekend.  And look - it is Wednesday already!  I haven't caught up with life since my weekend at retreat which was a whole three weekends ago.  Today however, if it doesn't rain, I will be as close as I will ever get to peace and harmony as far as housework goes.  (You know that since I've written this, great big black rain clouds have appeared... grrr).

Now, what have I been up to?  Nothing as exciting or productive as I would like and I'm starting to itch to get back behind my sewing machine.  We took a family trip to Whangarei on Saturday and had a quick visit at The Country Yard, bought some thread but was otherwise very good.  The trip was planned to look at hand towel rails, which would explain why we bought a dishwasher and a sofa!  I also got backing fabrics for my cats and stars/logs so technically speaking these projects can now move along. 

My Sunday was preplanned as I had agreed to give some of the teachers at the school my kids go to, a Patchwork 101 type of lesson, and considering that I have never taught patchwork or even attended a patchwork class (other than hand quilting) - it all turned out rather well.  This of course help attribute to the bomb site my house had evolved into.  But we're getting there.

Now, I must post this photo for Rona because it has been driving me mad looking at it and thinking of her citrus quilt.  Now, wouldn't it be exciting to do a few double crescent things???

Sorry about the sunstrike - this is the pattern on the side of a box... cool aye?
I have also put together a few fabrics to go with Dylan's camo fabric and will in time piece the top that my little class are doing.  I know, I probably should have already started it so I could demo it - but in the end, we managed just fine without it!

Have I already posted these???  I love the spot and bought extra just in case...
This photo is the outlook from our ranchslider door a few mornings ago when the fog was just rolling in... or was it out.

It is really all farmland but doesn't it look like the sea?

And finally, I was treated to this new book at our local library:

and fell in love with this block.  There are a few quilts with appliqued circles on them at the moment, and wouldn't it be fun to take them one step further with a circle in a square?  Does anybody have any idea of how to do these shapes in EQ6?

And I may just have some fabric set aside that would
look good in this sort of design... hmmm


  1. Haha, got you thinking! I've modified my problem after showing it to my fellow students (teachers on my course) and gave my new problem to a Year 10 class today. A few of them solved it in about 5 minutes! Maybe I've made it too easy.

    Nice idea, double crescents. And I like the circle within the square too. I like the rounded corners on the square. Have you seen my tutorial on circles? You could use it on both the circle and the square.

  2. Perhaps the easiest way to do the EQ6 thing is to do a Drunkard's path. Have the size of your block 1/2 the finished size of the square. I did a circle in a square once. Very cool! Will try and dig out a picture of it...