Friday, June 3, 2011

Won't power is winning

So far my quest to curtail my fabric/book purchasing habits have failed abysmally.  Grandmothers Garden in Gordonton are in the midst of their birthday sale and I just about always fall for their fat quarter smash and grab deals.  They also have yardage on special, so this time I have ordered 2m of my all time favourite, droolable fabric, 2m of cream tone on tone as a background, 10 fat quarters that fit into the scheme, plus 3m of something suitable as a backing fabric (about $160.00NZ).  As always, they have done a great job of doing the actual selecting - the only downside of the sale is you don't get to pick which fat quarters you get.

I have also found the whole Project Modern style of quilts pulling me to try something a bit different from my usual quilts.  While I struggle to label my quilts with a particular style, I do what I love and that changes from quilt to quilt, I would probably describe my quilts as traditional.  Traditional patterns, traditional layouts... I find it interesting how different patterns go together and the secondary patterns that are created through different repetitions.  I haven't found the need to express my creativity by continually creating "something new" as far as design goes, rather I find the fabrics are the area that feeds my creative spirit.  Although I do tweak designs now and then... who doesn't?

So, what exactly is Project Modern?  Not really sure at this stage - it seems to combine a minimalist element with strong, bold fabrics.  Perhaps tending towards solid fabrics.  And the rules of patchwork are loosely adhered to.  So seams don't necessarily have to match, or points may or may not be cut off.

Today I have finally remembered to buy a gridded maths book... and so have pencilled in the beginnings of my first design... 

Pictures will have to wait for another day...

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