Monday, June 6, 2011

Taking a break

My head is whirling from all these projects whirling around inside it.  So time for a break, and a quick project update.

Did I mention my bathroom has been ripped out?  Thought not, so while I'm trying to concentrate on really important sewing matters, there is a lot of banging and crashing going on... very disturbing.

However, I shall perservere.  Right, international round robin row number 4.  I have finally received the final round in this project.  It was a bit late being sent, due to a few technical hitches - but has finally arrived into my hot little hands.

This one is from Viv in Western Australia - and my job is to add a border upto 6 1/2" which is pieced on two sides, and appliqued on two sides, which represents my favourite season.  Hmmm, well, we'll get to that.  I wasn't really inspired by the challenge, so tackled my fabric stash to see whether anything materialised from the material (so to speak).  Luckily for Viv, I had some lovely reddish browns which brought out the colours from the earlier blocks - so I have decided to choose autumn for my favourite season, and represent the leaves changing colour.  I have to admit that I do like both spring and autumn, basically because you get lovely days, but the nights are cool enough to sleep comfortably.  I tend to be really practical about stuff like that.

Now, for the half applique, half piecing, this is why my brain needed a break.  I have decided to piece a brown stem between two different background fabrics - and then applique leaves around it - this forming the pieced element, and then use an appliqued winding stem/vine (also with the appliqued leaves) on the appliqued element.  It is just working out the niggly details that is causing my head to explode!

This is the pieced border section - still waiting for some leaves to be appliqued
either side of the stem.

Viv also sent along a lovely little quilt label for us all to sign so she
can add it to the back of her finished quilt.  What a great idea!

I have also made some decisions regarding my guilds row by row round robin.  I received Carol M's first row, with the instructions that the next row is to be inspired by stars.

Sorry, but the photo just doesn't do it justice.  The dresden plates
are needle turn appliqued in teeny tiny stitches... hmm - it is a bit
daunting to add my row

Close up of the centre dresden plate - Carol has chosen a lovely mix of fabrics.
I was of two minds... pieced stars or appliqued stars growing off a stem... so have decided to do both!  A subtle pieced background using star blocks, with a continuous vine across the row, with star flowers growing out of it.  I liked the idea of the flowers meandering over the blocks... in contrast to the geometic placing of the first row.  The hardest bit has been choosing fabrics, and I'm still not sure whether I'll go with what I've picked out.  You'll have to wait and see.

Oh well, I suppose the great big mess I've made of my sewing space is not going to disappear by itself.

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  1. Hey Suzanne, how did the round finish up? If you have a photo of it could you send it to me so I can put it on the facebook page...if thats ok with you.

    Did you get your round in the mail yet?