Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day One of a busy weekend

This weekend is Queen's Birthday weekend, so that means Monday will be a holiday.  The weather is absolutely appalling - so nothing else to do but sew.  What a shame!

Right, project update:

First off this morning I caught up with my teachers project and Dylan's fabrics.  It is square but managed to chop some off with the camera.  It has been a good exercise in practicing 1/4" seams, accurate cutting and basic piecing theory, without being just boring old squares.

Then it was time to start something that has been loitering for quite some time.  I have wanted to do something with Japanese indigos for ages, and it was just a matter of waiting for a pattern to jump up and down and say "me, me".  When the fabric and pattern had all come together - well, it just sat there.  Today that all changed!

The first of many

This is the book the original quilt came from
Very floral!!

A few tweaks, and it became my own

There are 52 nine patch blocks - but I'm constructing them as one large unit to get my seams to intersect nicely. 

Now, this is the fabric from Grandmother's Garden.  I chose the large bird print and then asked for 10 FQ to go with it and something as a background fabric.

This is the bargain bin fabric they chose for me to use as a backing.
It's almost as pretty as the feature fabric!

and this is the rough blue print of a possible design.  The feature fabric
will be a full length panel, with pieced blocks featuring lots of the cream background
and highlighted by the colourful FQers.

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  1. Just trying to see if I can add my comment today :-) Love the pattern, and can't wait to see your fabric selection for the modern project xoxo