Wednesday, April 25, 2012

From shed to studio... an ongoing story

Janet now has her own furniture, and it is finally time to show her off in all her finery.

For those of you still wondering... no Rona, she's not an illegal immigrant from eastern europe with an extremely large tush... she a second hand Handi-Quilter frame.  A few years old so not the latest model, and not a long arm which was the other most common suggestion... that would have been way outside our budget - but my Brother Innovis sits happily in the tray, and whizzes backwards, forwards and sideways - OK my 8 1/2" throat space could be an extra few inches bigger but it will do.  I appreciate the limitations of these sort of gadgets, and approach the purchase the same as buying a new tool... it simply gives me a larger range of options.  I am looking forward to basting with water soluble thread and machine quilting on my normal machine as per normal - just without pins!  I really hope this works as I won't have to crawl around on the floor anymore.

The tools came out, and there was plenty of noise and sawdust... I knew it was serious!

Although I wasn't sure how the table would look when finished... I was pleasantly surprised to see the progress (although upside down at this stage)... it looks a bit rustic farmhouse...

And this is the garage space that will one day be finished off, beautified and turned into my studio space.

Looking back at it the other way:

One day when my kids are a bit older and more responsible... I'll be able to disappear into my studio and create.  Until then, I still have my sewing space set up in Nadia's bedroom.  It works.  But I sure do have huge dreams about this new space - some of which include walls, carpet and lights!

A bit of reorganising and viola... a new table (all 3.6 metres of it) on wheels no less, so it can be pushed up against the wall when not in use... note the handy shelf underneath... all ready for me to baste Nadia's winter quilt...

And talking of Nadia's winter quilt... border all finished... ready to go.

Have I finished my April Swoon block?  Not yet.
Have I finished the blanket stitch on My Tweets Block 2 & 3? Not yet.
Did we have a lovely family ANZAC Day?  YES!  I heartily recommend the Monopoly version which has EFTPOS card - great fun.


  1. Yippie!!! It's all go....and no Botox was harmed in the making!

  2. Grea stuff, Suzanne. I 'm sure you will enjoy your new 'tool' - how can you call poor Janet a tool? I can see lots of pleasant dreams re your new/to be sewing space. Enjoy!

  3. PS Nadia's winter quilt is lovely!

  4. How awesome with your new sewing space. I sometimes pretend I can't hear my kids and disappear into my little sewing area. Maybe I won't win Mommy of the year award for that but - oh boy - sometimes I just need a little time on my own. Lovely finish :)

  5. Very cool! Will look forward to hearing about how it works out for you. And I can fully imagine walls and a beautified space in that garage! Bugger about the lack of photos but I'm having too much fun to stress about that. Catch you later!