Monday, July 9, 2012

Week One - Survived!

I think the title says it all!  Over the last week we have had a mixture of beautiful weather, and really crappy weather - and done a few fun things.  During some of the crappy weather, we've resorted to doing puzzles... but not just any old puzzles... ones with 3D pictures, and glasses to go with them as well!  I bought these last holidays, but we only got the Space one done.  So far we've completed the Animal and Bedroom ones...

And at the moment this one is all tipped out on the coffee table... looks tricky!

Being part of the Spot What family, there is still more to do once you've finished the actual construction - there's the things to find within the text on the puzzle, plus some harder things to find listed on the box.  That's once you've sat there looking at how cool it looks with the special glasses on (the puzzle looks cool, not you with the special glasses on... when you already wear glasses to see - wearing two pairs just looks plain geeky!)

I've also made progress on my Swoon Block 5.  Not that it's finished or anything... I am on holiday after all.  I started with the central star - it would have looked good just like this (I'm a bit of a sucker for star blocks).

Over the last couple of days I've been slowly piecing together the outer units, and behold, progress so far!  I've also finished listening to my audio book (Dragonspell by Donita K Paul - No 1 of 5, so I presume it is also a series in written form).  I did have to have it turned up quite loud to hear it over the sound of the sewing machine, but it also prevented me from going too fast!

My friend Ms Lottie has been showing off her new studio.  We had discussed design walls - mine is soft board covered with cotton batting attached with spray adhesive.  So how well do things stay stuck on?  Well, these bits poking out the side of my swoon block have been there since before Xmas! and haven't shown any sign of falling off.

These blocks for my Gail Pan BOM have been here since last Friday (my last post) - while they are not attached to each other... there is significant piecing and applique - and haven't shown any sign of moving.  However my 26" blocks for my log cabin thingee just wouldn't stay on... it that any help?  Do you have a design wall?  What is it made of?

Also motoring it's way through the sewing machine has been the backing for the log cabin quilt.  I had an idea that I wanted to use the floral fabric on the back, as it has many of the colours on the front... only problem being that I only had one yard.  Solution - cut it into strips and make a stripey back.  It hasn't been without it's problems, but nothing that couldn't be handled or compromised.

I have also made Lemonade for the first time, from my very own lemons and lemonades - you know I've never tasted "real" lemonade before.  It's quite nice!  Must be those two cups of sugar!  I also experimented for the first time with the juicer attachment on my Magic Bullet (remember those from a few years ago?)  Well, let me just say that wearing glasses was an advantage for that too.

OK, roll on week two...

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  1. Visual imagery of you doing an infomercial with the magic bullet spraying yourself with lemonade.....giggle!
    Thanks for the design wall demo. 26" is pretty big, so sticking a couple pins in for that size makes sense. I guess if I don't permanently attach my flannel to my polystyrene then if the pins ruin it eventually I can just replace the boards and reuse the flannel.

  2. lolol (lemonade story) :D That floral fabric is pretty - no wonder you wanted to use it on the back! I really love this swoon block. And I've got to find one of those puzzles - my daughter would absolutely love it.

  3. Love that swoon block! Great fabric choices.

  4. I'm having a lovely catch up read of what you've been up to lately. Those jigsaws sound intriguing... Wasijigs are our favourites, have never tried 3-D ones. You're moving along well with all your blocks. Love your Gail Pan BOM and your Swoons are looking great too. Trying to get colour combinations is fun - bit can take ages sometimes!! Design walls - I'm wanting to put one up too - a wincyette pillowcase is what I've had in the past but it wasn't particularly good really!!