Friday, July 27, 2012

Still Here

Just in case you were wondering whether I'd falled off the face of the earth... I did in fact survive the second week of the holidays and two whole weeks back at work/school.

I made progress with my log cabin quilt... finishing the striped back, basting and starting the long process of quilting such a big beast.  But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself... somewhere along the line you wonder what sort of quilting you are going to do... all those possibilities... so after basting:

I used thin clear plastic sheets (like what you used to use on overhead projectors) and a permanent marker to audition various designs - this proved my idea of a square spiral over the log cabins and various spirals in the background would work:

After quilting:

The thread - a perfect combination of colours:

Organic straight lines (very organic!):

Auditioning a background thread:

Yip - this one is a match:

It's all starting to come together... about half way so far:

From the back:

In other news... the kids had school photos in the first week back at school.  Since we are watching our budget (and almost had a heart attack after reading the prices of the available photo packages), I decided to only buy the class photos this year, and have our own photo shoot after school.  This was one of the out-takes:

But I did get some pretty nice ones too!

And in Swoon news... managed to squeeze in the final piecing of Block 5 before the end of July.  Rock on Block 6.


  1. Look at that quilting! You are amazing! That variegated thread is a perfect match! (would you like some Echo scraps?)

  2. falled? You spended too much time listening to your kids over the holidays! Cute pics. D is the spitting image of his Dad.

  3. Great idea for the quilting - the combination of straight and spiral looks great! Those threads look pretty much perfect too. Your own photo shoot photos will be a lot more relaxed than the school ones would have been, I'm sure. Love your latest swoon. Well done with keeping up!

  4. Great to see you yesterday. Your log cabin quilt is lovely. I love the textures of your quilting.
    I hear what you are saying about the price of those school photo's, I haven't bothered for the last couple of years, the money is better spent on feeding my growing lads!
    I hope you are having another day of sewing? It is certainly not gardening weather.

  5. What a brillant idea to use the plastic sheet for the quilting ideas. Once you start stitching it's not so easy to change your mind! I am giving a demo (as a novice) on FMQ at the next AMQG mtg, do you mind if I pass on this idea to them? I think your combination of straight lines and swirls looks wonderful.