Sunday, August 5, 2012

You spin me round round baby right round

It's been a funny few weeks. Rain. OMG - sick and tired of it. Yesterday - it was actually sunny! Yay! Did as much washing as my machine could handle... hoping that today would also be fine so I could make a dent in the mad mess my laundry was in, but you guessed it - more RAIN today. With the dryer whirring away in the background, we decided to tackle some of those jobs that just need to be done every now and then. Like cleaning the oven. Getting rid of the recycling. Carrying out more stuff into my sewing studio. Getting spare books ready to take to the op shop. Starting to sort my scraps into bigger, more buttier containers. Reorganising my bedroom. Carrying out more stuff into my sewing studio. Reorganising the stuff that's been carried out into my sewing studio. Shuffling things around in Nadia's room (now that it's not totally cluttered by my sewing stuff) and trying to work out the best placement of the leftover furniture and cleaning her windows. You get the picture? I'm a bit shattered to be honest.  Although there is still more to do, it can wait for another day.  The real challenge is to find enough storage space - I've been relocating my fabric for a good week or so now, and have almost all of it in one place now.  It's great to open the doors on my fabric stash and see it in its entirety.  Well, great but also a bit scary - it looks so much bigger!  I've also been organising my WIP's and tops to be basted and quilted.  The less said the better.  I have some small projects/orphan blocks that I really should just do something with and donate as basinette quilts... instead of having them sit around for another three years.  That can wait for another day too.

Anyway, on the sewing front - I've finished the blanket stitch on Block 6??? of Bluebirds and Berries BOM, and the spiral quilting on "Log Cabins At The Beach" continues... (hence the name of the post).

Hope you have all had a productive weekend.


  1. A fabric stash looking bigger than you thought.....don't suppose a few more scraps will hurt!☺You must be exhausted from all the re-organising! Looking forward to seeing your Spiral Log Cabin!

  2. Reorganizing and even managing to squeeze in some sewing on top of that... Wow :)

  3. No fair! We would kill for rain where I'm from. :)