Monday, August 6, 2012

There's nothing like some pictures

The fabric stash cupboard - by some miracle of photography it seems much smaller than real life.  All these little piles have some meaning... not always obvious at first sight.

The plastic container on the seventh shelf down contains my favourite... fat quarters.  Almost a shops worth... almost!

These containers originally held the fat quarters, but they were never big enough to fit... and I had to open all of them to find anything... which of course, I never did.  Much better holding scraps.

My mum bought me this cool little thread storage unit.

And this container has got quilt tops awaiting basting and quilting... it's full to the top.

This set of shelves has WIP's in the boxes through the top section, and a weird assortment of crafts from my previous life (ie before quilting took over) in the containers along the bottom.

Check out my huge big cutting mat.  Thank you Spotlight for having a half price sale!

My books...

FMQ tip number two: if you don't like gloves... or don't own any - try using some of the grippy shelf liners cut to the right size for your hands.  Quilt the area you are working on, then lift and place into the next area.  I find it great for reducing strain on my thumb area.  And look what I've finished quilting below!!  You know I only went into the sleepout to get some mince out of the freezer!

And my next budget tip: can't afford those expensive mats to stop your foot slipping?  Try a piece of yoga mat cut to size.  I find it tends to slip a bit on carpet - but works like magic on the chair mat.


  1. Thanks for the peak inside your sewing spot! And the hints for a good grip-on the quilt and the floor!

  2. It looks fabulous, and SO ORGANIZED!!! I have also heard Finger Gloves, which I have in stock, are great for machine-quilting....You might want to try sometime...Caroline

  3. I'm not brave enough too show everyone my mess! I have way too much fabric. I love the idea of putting a mat under the foot control, mine is always moving about.

  4. Hey I didn't mean your stuff is a mess, it's very organised. It's my stuff that is messy :-)

  5. Awesome to have everything in one place - now you can really play!! You sound like me - easily distracted when I get near my sewing things - your quilting looks great! Woohoo another finish!

  6. I am jealous of how well organized your stash is.