Monday, August 20, 2012

I've had an itch...

... to just do some plain old sewing.  Not FMQ.  Not binding.  Not blanket stitch.  Not battling with matching multiple seams.  Just sewing.  Do you ever get that urge?  I was almost tempted to start something new and straight and basic... but managed to restrain myself and pull out something old but untouched for quite some time.

For those of you who are not necessarily familiar with my over the top WIP list, this started life as a layer cake and a pattern for a handbag block. 

Two squares layered and slashed sorta kinda symetrically, then a simple case of sewing it back together, and adding a rectange top for the background.  No matching.

I decided early on to turn the handbags into vases - with some idea of the flowers being quite naive in their design - you couldn't get much more naive than these flowers. But I kinda like it.

I haven't ironed them on yet - do you think they need leaves?

In Swoon news... block 6?? is cut and partially pieced.  From baby star...

To big as mother.  These blocks finish at 24".  Well, it will once it's all sewn together that is.

In studio news... I've almost finished moving in.  This is the view from what was the tilta door end.  I have Janet (the quilting frame)  and the stash cupboard on the left, design wall, book storage, sewing table, cutting zone/freezer on the right.  One day we'll get around to stopping and painting the gib.

And the view looking back from the other side.  The ironing board changes position depending on what I'm doing - but on the whole, it's working really well.  Now that I've got a heater, I don't need to wear a woolie beanie any more.  I got hubby to chop the legs down on our old wooden dining table - it's now the ideal height for sewing at, and I've plenty of space to spread a large quilt out to FMQ.


  1. I love the rounded shapes of your modern flowers! Perhaps wait until you cut all these before you decide on leaves or not? Your studio looks great- I am very envious!

  2. The flowers are way cool! I sort of thought they were vases of flowers so didn't need leaves - but maybe you just need to have a bit of a PLAY to decide?! Another great looking swoon block, and your studio - great - doesn't it feel good to have an organised area - good idea to cut off those legs too.

  3. I vote for leaves - or maybe a little bit of stalk. At least try some leaves and see what you think before you iron down. Tomorrow (and fingers crossed I don't speak too soon) is my first day for AGES that I am childless and can play in my studio all day!! Hopefully I'm as productive as you.

  4. Maybe you could quilt some leaves when the time comes for quilting. I really like what you have done.
    Your sewing room looks great, you just need a lock on the inside, so you can lock yourself in there!

  5. Yes I get that plain sewing urge every now and then - I have it at the moment to sew some clothes. It's probably the sunshine and feeling tired of my winter wardrobe. What a lovely big area you have to sew in. I have just made myself a design wall (well it's in the process of being made, it's hanging up temporarily to see how it works) and love it. I do enjoy reading your blog.