Thursday, May 23, 2013

Still not much to see

I have worked on my Sewing Circle tote this week, but I've discovered a major failing in my fabric selection... and need to work on a solution to make the bag work.  Very Pissed!  The pattern instructions however were wonderful - I inserted zips and created elasticated pockets left right and centre... and the only glaring error was entirely my own (photos will have to wait for another day).

On the plus side, I ordered some sale fabric from Thousands of Bolts last Friday... and it arrived yesterday.  That must break some sort of inter-continental land speed record.  I don't often "show" my fabric purchases, it just gets squirrelled away to appear later, as if I've had it for ages... but fabric makes me happy, and we all need a bit of happy now don't we?

This is some of that "just because it was on special and I might need it" sort of fabric :0)

Two yards of this one...

Just liked these cute buttons...

and this one has been in and out of my cart like a yoyo for ages... finally managed to stay in.
 For statistical reasons:
9 yards @ $3.95US per yard
Postage was $25.95 (large envelope fits 9 yards, 6 yards fit into the $23.95 envelope)
NZ conversion $77.97
NZ per yard $8.66
Cheap.  As.  Chips.


  1. I like the second fabric, the white flowers. It's like a colouring in book. The first one looks like someone coloured it in! You could make it match! Wouldn't that be fun.

  2. I bought a metre of the button fabric from my local "Darn Cheap" store about a month ago! Its a great print, isn't it?! (I won't tell you how much it cost me!)