Friday, June 14, 2013


I've resisted the urge to show you all the rejected possible layouts I contemplated before deciding on the final layout (which I'm sure you will appreciate). 

Drum-roll please...

In the end the deciding factor regarding placement was the block contruction - 4 patch, 9 patch, more-patch or other (like the slashed ones).  Then once that was settled, the accent grey and red were distributed, as well as the strong green fabric.  The rest of them just fell into place like good little blocks do.

I binned the modern circle (which I did like) and the string pieced block (which I didn't like so much) as they didn't fit well with the other blocks.  By that stage I also knew I needed to add a block which wasn't a 9 patch, didn't have grey and wasn't strong blue. 

Now is this one an Ohio Star?

And the friendship star- with a variation in the corners.  These were added by luck when I found some triangles I'd cut previously that just happened to be the right size.  Bonus!

I've started adding white sashing, with a grey cornerstone.  Very calming.


  1. I don't think that one is an Ohio Star?! (The third one in the third row is the Ohio Star.) I love this feature fabric- I have used it in some of my quilts too! It's going to look great with grey corner stones.

  2. Missed you today. And here's my opinion on your block: ('cause I'm a traditional block expert and all!) It's an Eight Pointed Star. In my book of 1000 quilt blocks it's called a single star if it has the same coloured centre as the points and an evening star if the centre square is different to the points. My book agrees with Patchwork and Play that the 3rd on the 3rd is an Ohio Star.

  3. My understanding was that this is an Ohio Star block.

  4. Use the outcast blocks on the back as a label, or make a small cushion to go with the quilt. I'm looking forward to seeing the white sashing and grey corner stones, that sounds perfect.