Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Sewing We will go...

With Poppy still suffering from the sedative she had been given yesterday, I spent most of the day feeding the fire, watching her sleep and reading a book, Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult.  I downloaded it onto my tablet without reading the preamble... and to be honest, it took me a while to get into the story, and work out what was happening.  Gosh, but once I did, couldn't put it down!  Finished it this morning before taking the kids out for a promised visit to the shops to spend their holiday money.  We can't have that burning a hole in their pockets now, can we?

Today Poppy has returned to her normal bouncy self.  It's been a cold day, so I figured, I might as well disappear into my sewing shed and turn the heater on... and tackle a few more Modern Sampler blocks, and whatever else took my fancy.  I find piecing relaxing - this year has been somewhat stressful so far, which maybe explains why I've found myself drawn to so many pieced projects.

Block 24

And I thought I'd show you the pictures from the book, so you can see the original colouring of the block, and what I've tried to emulate from my scrap pile.  Sort of similar, but at the same time, quite different.

And Block 25

I actually have some fabric that is almost identical to the print shown in the book - but it is only about 2" x 1" big... I'll just have to see if I need a piece that big in one of the other blocks :0)

And another of Camille's playground blocks took my fancy... I've stuck with the grey and with these fabrics, it is looking smashing!  No contrast issues here!

I replaced the grey print centre on this one with the plain grey... much better!  I love this green... so fresh.

Remember this experiment?  Decided to just stick to the simple, and revise my fabric pairings so that I avoid the worst of the contrast issues.

 I've also pulled out all my class notes from Taupo... which included these photos of finished Tiles... because you can rotate them to get different patterns (the two sets of blue blocks are using the same four tiles, showing their alternate setting - and the green and red blocks show a different colourway).  Cool huh?

This is really quite motivational to get these Taupo projects done and finished.  I've got my four tiles fused - I just need to get the blanket stitch done, and make final decisions on finishing... of course, I'm not one to make small projects - so it will be interesting, even for me - to see where this one heads.


  1. Bet your fabric choices for the tiles were just a bit different to the rest of the class. Love how they change the whole look depending on how you rotate them.

  2. Taupo Tiles would make a very cool medallion centre! Glad to hear Poppy is feeling bouncy again! Happy sewing!

  3. I love your fabrics Suz and are looking forward to seeing what you do with your tiles. I have my first tile completed and are working on getting the rest stuck on. Have been working on my table runner from my other symposium class.

  4. Sorry I forgot to send good wishes to Poppy, how's she doing? I tried Lone Wolf once but it is the only book of her's I couldn't get in to...sounds like I should have persevered a bit longer. Interesting to see how those tiles interact... and yes, very interesting pick of fabrics :-)