Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Just one more?

It seems creating blocks from Tula's modern sampler book is highly addictive.  Initially I was unsure whether I would be able to constantly create three new blocks each week to keep up... after all, it is quite a commitment :0) But in fact, it turns out it's hard to stop at just three.

Today, because my week has been turned upside down with Dylan attending a dentist appointment today (so I didn't go to work... long story), I retreated to my shed sewing studio to contemplate life.  The little people blocks called to me, and before I knew it, I was head down in scraps, cutting lots of little bits.  We are now onto the rectangle section...

Block 16

Block 17

Block 18

Progress so far... if only I could work out how to make a collage with the blocks in their correct places.
 I've decided on fabrics for the next six blocks, and cut out the pieces for the next three blocks.  Choosing the fabric is turning out to be quite challenging... because you can guarantee that the perfect fabric for a particular area will NOT be big enough.  So it's a matter of making do with what is big enough... luckily there are heaps of scraps to choose from.

Monday was the day our prize buckets needed to be handed into the school office - my goodies were rather larger than the bucket supplied... so a replacement receptacle had to be found.

The teddy cushion bound and stuffed, the pencil case, a patchwork pouch with a few soaps and body lotions thrown in, plus a darling wee doll I bought from our Kerikeri exhibition trading table earlier in the year.
I've been thinking about goals for this month, and I'm really impressed by Lyn who blogs over at What A Hoot - she has serious goals which include projects for each week, as well as goals for each activity station (cutting, piecing, quilting & handwork).  I've been finding that setting a major goal for the month helps to get over some of the stumbling blocks that come our way in the quilting process.  But I also know that while I focus on that one goal... there are heaps of other projects that just don't get a look in.  At the moment, I'm still thinking.  Do you set goals?


  1. I have stalled on the City Sampler as I find the rectangles quite uninspiring....blah! But yours are great! I do set goals- I'm a bit of a list maker...I love crossing things off as I ge them done!

  2. I have lists, so I guess that could be taken as goals. They don't always go to plan.

  3. Good on you keeping up with the blocks -- a neat variety of them and I love the way you are trying so hard to keep it truely scrappy! I set goals - I have my MUST-DOs for a period (sometimes a week, sometimes the month) but also my wishlist-dos. not something I strictly seem to stick to as there are always too many curveballs but something that works well for guidance. (And usually it is an everchanging list!!)PS Your prize bucket looks great!!