Thursday, August 21, 2014

A bit of old and a bit of new, a little bit orange, and a little bit blue

The last week has been spent basting, basting, basting.  One of the drawbacks of making bigger quilts.  My delightful children have not been acting overly delightful lately, so I they have had to endure supervision during the afternoons, when I would normally leave them to run wild, and disappear to sew by myself.  This has put a bit of a damper on life in general - and definitely the enjoyment in the sewing department.

My enormous pile of basting pins didn't quite meet the task, so I spent a bit of time re-spacing the ones I had, as well as nicking them off other projects.  Finally I was done.  Time for the fun stuff.

This quilt is built up of various sized applique rectangles, rows of little squares (some with a circle applique every now and then), and a couple of other small applique blocks.  To reinforce the soft aged sort of feel of the fabrics, I chose not to FMQ a heavy design in the backgrounds (even though I was sorely tempted to unleash some McJobbiting [that's my version of McTavishing]) and stuck with a small but loose stipple, some orange peel in the squares and some (slightly crooked) crosses through the circles.  I like the simplicity.  Two blocks down... a whole heap more to go.

Also on the radar is a request for a little girl baby quilt.  I'm thinking about these fabrics... bright and fun... not too pink, but undoubtedly girlish!  I think I need a few more fun oranges and surprisingly there weren't any turquoise prints in my stash.  OK, and I need a few different pinks!  I'm tossing up a medallion style quilt with an applique centre, or a largish pieced star block with a border.  We'll have to see which design wins.

Talking about designs, Raewyn from Love to Stitch asked me if I'd like to participate in the Around the World Bloghop.  The topic of "Creative Process" really interests me, so I was quite happy to say YES and join in the fun.  Raewyn's insight into her own creative process is posted here and if you follow the links backwards and forwards to the various participants, there is a wealth of knowledge, ideas and styles - illustrating how everyone approaches the creative process in so many different ways.  My own post will be on Monday 25th August... so my mind is busy trying to think up new and intelligent ways to say "I just put together what I like and hope for the best".

So far two of my very creative friends Monika and Mathea have both agreed to be the next links in the bloghop (they'll post on the 1/9/14) - but I'm looking for a third.  If you would be keen to share your creative process, or would like some more details, please let me know before Monday so I can include your details.  The more the merrier and I'd love you to join in the party!


  1. Quilting looking good. I am doing some guessing which quilt this is?????
    Nice fabrics for a happy quilt for a girl. Let those words come together for your explanation of how you make quilts!

  2. I hope you have some luck finding another "Around the World" blogger! (I got asked a total of three times!!) The fabric pull for the little girl quilt is very pretty!

  3. I know what you mean by basting basting basting!Your quilting is looking good, I look forward to seeing more - no pressure! Have fun writing your post, those words will flow once you get started :-) Happy weekend!

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  5. Haha... I have a hard time feeling all lovy-dovy about my kids when I have to resort to supervision too. Luckily it happens rarely these days... None the less I get annoyed with them when it does. I don't think we were anything different as kids though ;)

    Have to say even if your quilting time was limited you did manage a lot. I'm impressed!

  6. Hello Suz, I have just recently met Monika bloggily and she has introduced me to your blog... I always love meeting others so have had a happy time reading some of your posts....

  7. Your quilt is gorgeous.....just remember the kids will be all grown up and leaving the nest before you know it....enjoy them, you'll have plenty of time to sew soon enough.