Saturday, August 2, 2014

A bit of randomness

It's been a funny kind of week.  I celebrated a birthday... got my eyes checked... had a little girl home from school with sick bugs... and was the host to a (random) couple in the middle of a domestic dispute who turned up on our doorstep (which we contacted the police about).  Whew!

Thankfully I also got some sewing done!

First up, the beginning of a new month means a new quilt on the bed.  This was last months quilt, Buggy Barn Cats.

And just out of interest, this was the photo with the curtains pulled, and the flash on.  Look how yellow it is!

This was with no flash, and the curtains pulled back.  A bit washed out.

And the first photo had the curtains pulled, but the sunshade roller blind down... and the colours are almost perfect.

OK, the new quilt on the bed.  Bullseye II, made with a Comma charm pack.  While the cats are nice and cosy... I love how this quilt is modern and colourful... and the white squares just pop.

And if you've ever wondered what happens to quilts in between showings?  They get biffed to the top of the pile on my freestanding wardrobe.

I finished off the Reunion Playground quilt - deciding to machine stitch down the binding, even though this isn't my preferred method.  Normally I would do like many others do when applying binding by machine; I'd sew the binding onto the back first, then turn the binding to the front to run the final line of stitching.  But, as I hadn't decided to finish this by machine until I'd already attached the first stage of the binding - I had to modify the technique.  I thought I'd try glue basting down the binding instead of using pins - and it worked out not too bad.  It's not a quilt I'd ever put in a show... or look at under a microscope... but it's now finished, and finished is good, and I love it!

Unfortunately our weather is not conducive to outdoor shots... so an indoor draped over the sofa and beanbag shot...

Right, what else have I been up to?  The last few There's a Square in There blocks disappeared under the needle, and I'm now contemplating block placement.


  1. Beautiful quilts - getting their moment to shine on the bed!

  2. I like how you change your quilt each month! They each get their fair share of 'bed' time! Bullseye II looks great on the bed, and the view out your bedroom window is pretty special too!

  3. I am amazed at how much you get done! very inspiring.
    Doesn't the lighting have different looks, something I am aware of when photographing customer quilts.

  4. Love your finish with the grey background and your blocks quilts too. Man, you're fast :) it actually a really cool idea to rotate the quilt on the bed every month... I don't think many changes the quilt quite so often, buts it's really appreciating the many different styles.

  5. love your quilts, i love putting them on my bed

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Awesome progress on your square quilt and interesting seeing the different photographs.

  7. Keeping busy as usual I see. And nice to see your display of quilts :-) AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY for when it was. Hope your day was happy.

  8. Always a good day when you get to change out a quilt on the bed! Love the Bullseye quilt...I don't remember seeing that one before! How funny you just used glue to baste your binding...I had this random thought about how that would work. Looks great!

  9. I love your new Bullseye quilt - the Comma fabrics are perfect for this!