Saturday, September 27, 2014

Begin as you mean to finish

Saturday, Day One of the Holidays... sewing.  Yes... I could get used to this.

Today was my appointment with friend and colleague Karen, as we plod our way through Amy Gibson's Beyond the Block 2014 Sugar Club BOM programme.  Karen has amazing sewing powers... although has only dabbled in patchwork previously.  Completing the BOM blocks each month gives us new techniques to learn and discuss, in a very casual learning environment.  I'm using the leftover yardage from my Japanese ladies quilt - a cross-range selection of Bonnie & Camille fabrics, with Moda Bella Feather as the light neutral, and a Moda Weave mid beige as the darker neutral.

This month it was our first foundation paper pieced block.

Although I know this is probably something that improves with experience, I hate it when after all the angst and fiddlyness of paper piecing... you still end up with joins that don't quite meet.  This was after the "pin like heck" technique.

Just as a refresher... this was our first block...the one that almost drove me to drink.

And the second...

Whoops... and this is the "do as I say don't do as I do" third block... still unfinished from last month :o)

I've also spent some of my time after work this week quilting the applique border on B&B.  Remember I thought I might do some "doodling" quilting... but was a bit apprehensive about jumping in.

I started with a strategically placed feather... [I'm using a mid grey Aurifill thread that blends with both of the backgrounds that I used.  I didn't want the quilting to overwhelm the applique - it's subtle, and that's OK.]

Then repeated some of the filler patterns I used in the other applique blocks... clamshells, open clam echoes, pebbles...

the odd weirdo spiral with feathers... and then some plain spirals...

It is slowly filling up (and I do mean slowly) - but I am seriously doubting whether I'll get this finished before the end of October.


  1. Your filling-in quilting is looking great! Try to enjoy the experience without stressing about how long its taking! And you are being MUCH too hard on yourself with the points of your foundation piecing. No one, I repeat, no one will be looking at your pieces that closely! It is such a pretty block, no matter what you say!

  2. I think you're being to hard on yourself as well! Sometimes your points can match perfectly, then when you press your seams to one side, it slightly pulls away some of your underneath fabric and then it's not perfect. Is that what's happening? BTW, those japanese lady fabrics look just as good in those blocks.

  3. Your blocks are nice and fresh. I agree with the others, you are being definitely hard on yourself and pressing slightly differently may help. Your quilting on your B&B is going awesomely. Hang on in!