Sunday, September 14, 2014

Nek Minute... two weeks later...

The last couple of weeks have been very busy - just not particularly crafty.  The weekend before the big ski trip was spent washing and drying clothes (in preparation for packing the suitcases).  Then my Dad came to visit and we spent a great weekend tiki-touring around the local sights and tourist spots.  The final Sunday night was spent packing those last few essentials, and then Monday morning, 6:30am it was time to meet the bus and send the menfolk off for the week.  Nadia and I had a pretty quiet week at home without them.  Although it was good girl bonding time - and she was excited to be allowed to wash the dishes in the sink (as opposed to putting them into the dishwasher)!

Friday the boys came home again, and it was back onto the washing chain gang.  Not to be confused with chain piecing of course :o)  Once again, the house has returned to it's somewhat normal state of confusion... and finally, today, I got to venture back out into my shed for some well deserved peace and quiet (I didn't realise Nadia talked quite so much until it was just me that had to listen to it!)

I did actually get a small amount of sewing done during the week.  Monika's birthday had come and gone, although I had an idea of what to make her.  She has recently announced an impending move to Brisbane... so I just knew that she would desperately need a small tote bag (very suitable for carrying fabric or small techie items) made from a souvenir tea-towel to remind her of all the best NZ has to offer.  When I saw this particular towel, I knew she would enjoy both it's bright colours, and the beautiful birds and foliage in the design.  Having random left over bits of batting comes in handy for projects like this , and a bit of simple quilting just finished it off.

Side One

Side Two.

Simple boxed corners

Modelled by my able assistant
 Today I've got a bit further with the machine quilting on Bluebirds & Berries.  I'm about halfway through the central panel.

I did add a tiny bit of McJobbiting...

... a little bit of tiny clamshells...
... a little bit of poorly executed but OK echoing

... a whole heap of stippling.
Getting in and around applique is not my favourite kind of quilting... I didn't want to do tiny, tiny quilting... to me the style of the quilt is soft and relaxed, and I wanted the quilting to reflect this too.  Stippling is good for getting into those tight spots, gives a nice open feel - and finishes nice and soft.  But stipple all over can be a bit much.  I'm happy with how the small blocks that I've quilted differently just help to break it up, add a bit of different texture, and as the blocks are the small ones - it doesn't add too much stiffness.  I will need to think of a good solution for the applique borders... I think if I stipple those too - we might just have stipple overload.

 The threads I'm using are mostly 50wt Aurifill in a subtle range of neutrals - 2000, 2310 & 2314.  In the coloured squares I'm using a Gunold 40wt variegated khaki.


  1. Blueberries and Birds is looking great! Happy sewing!

  2. Your quilting looks so great! Love the McJobbiting and the clamshells especially. And the NZ bag...very pretty model to show it off!

  3. Big week! love that your daughter still like to wash the dishes! Fun bag. Lots of quilting going on there, looking good.

  4. The quilting looks great. And after a couple of washes any stiffness will disappear anyway.

  5. Your bag for Monika is great - what a find the teatowel was! Hope the menfolk enjoyed their week away; I bet it was nice but odd to have the place to yourselves. Wonderful quilting, it sure looks like you are having a good play!

  6. what a beautiful quilt! The applique is just gorgeous and I think the quilting you've done really adds to it.

  7. Having all boys here...I totally understand a house where they live, work,meat, sleep and play! LOL on laundry! I love how vibrant the tote is! Beautiful! And not a huge fan of lots of appliqué...your quilting and the lovely soft colors have me oohin and ahhhing!

    Hope you have more time to work on it!