Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Just playing

I didn't feel in the mood for much yesterday afternoon, so instead of actually doing something constructive, I perused the stash, to find a suitable backing for the applique quilt I am going to quilt next.  This dandelion and bee print picked up nicely on the different neutrals and will work well with a light thread in the bobbin.  All my new threads got unwrapped and joined in the audition.  Looks like I did a good job with the thread selection!

With my head poked into the magic fabric cupboard, I finally started pulling fabrics for a scrap busting quilt that Charlotte has been making.  I'm sure she won't mind me stealing one of her photos.

It's a Scrapitude block... and you can read more about it  here.

I knew that there were fabrics in my cupboard that while I don't hate them, they just haven't fitted into my aesthetic style over the last few years.  These piles have just sat there looking sad.

The neutral pile...

The green and blue pile...

And as I started to look at these fabrics... I pulled out some feature fabrics that I thought might help to pull the whole look together.  Quite liked this one...

So I pulled the reds that I have... not many.

And added in some browns.

Now I have an enormous pile of fabric on my floor.  Too much to actually take a proper photo of it.  But what do you think.  Would you just stick to the blue/green/neutral bundles... or would you add in the red/brown/bird print too?


  1. Oh I like the reds and browns added to the mix.

  2. such a variety of fabrics, I like the red/brown with birds the blue links it into the others but wonder if you need a couple more red and brown so it does not seem so vivid, just a thought. Love the greens but green is my favourite colour

  3. I like greens too (I have my eye on that pretty daisy there in the middle!) so I am a bit biased. I would make it brown, red, bird print AND some of those pretty blues (from the right hand side) that appear in the bird print! Has that confused you???

  4. I like the reds, browns and bird print added in as it brings it together with a bit of zing!

  5. Maybe a few less browns, but definitely keep all the colours you have pulled in the mix. And I like your backing fabric. It will be neat to see that quilt quilted.