Monday, February 23, 2015

Anyone still there?

Despite all my best intentions, I seem to have developed a very strong streak of procrastination.  And guess what?  I'm really good at it. 

I have managed to get my quilting done on my girl quilt, and have one more short side to handstitch on the binding... but really, this should have been finished last week.

I do love the way the simple straight line quilting echoing either side of the seam lines gives it so much texture.

It's also been time for a new quilt on the bed.  Remember my Playground quilt using Sweetwaters Reunion fabric line?  Amazingly, even though this one has been finished for ages... it's never actually made it onto the bed! 

Although I say that everyone is my favourite, there is just something I love about the simple patterns and shapes in this quilt - both the fabric and block design.  I also love the simple petal shape quilted through the centre of each square, which has no relation to the arrangement of the blocks. 

And even though I angsted (shh, I don't think that's a word) over the charm squares that blended into the background and wondered whether to leave them out of the mix... I love the way those shapes blend into the background and give the quilt just that much more interest.

 Now, back to that pesky binding...


  1. Procrastination is not really a quilters friend is it! The baby quilt sure does look good, as does the new/old? charm quilt on your bed.

  2. I too am an expert procrastinator! There is always a blog to read to take me away from my sewing! I hope you get that binding finished! I love doing binding because it means thats one more finish!!!

  3. Procrastination gets all of us at times! The quilting is really effective on the baby quilt and the charm quilt looks great on the bed. You have a lovely view from your bedroom window! Good luck with the binding - then you can start something new :-)

  4. Love your charm quilt.. the petal quilting is great, adds texture! Linda

  5. Loving the quilting on the baby girl quilt, it was a perfect choice. And I've just put a new quilt on the bed too. It makes me smile every morning.