Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Perfect for a Baby Girl

After 7 or so weeks of school holiday time at and around home, I realized that while love may make the world go around, clean washing comes a close second :o)

Returning to work and school routines is of course on the one hand a blessing, on the other a blinking nuisance.  With the kids returning to school on different days, and me having a couple of sneaky free days up my sleeve, I treated myself to a new hairdo and a wonderfully relaxing facial and back massage.  All up - I probably feel as well rested as I have ever felt since having children!  Now that's a long time.

With the routines back to normal, I've been sneaking in a bit of sewing in the afternoons, and have managed to get my second baby quilt top (the little girl version) finished.

I had all sorts of plans for this charm bundle... but in the end I liked having the fabrics separated by the white, and cutting them into triangles made it just that much more interesting than a plain square patchwork.  This is another simple design that just suits these fabrics so well.

I chose a couple of blending fabrics for the narrow borders, which brings it up in size to 40"x48" - a good cot size.  I have plans for straight line quilting either side of the horizontal and vertical seams.  We'll see how that goes.


  1. Pretty baby quilt. Nice you had some 'me' time.

  2. Look at those points! Brilliant piecing Suz!

  3. Great that the new school year has got off to a fabulous start with a lovely makeover :-) Love your little girl's quilt - how big are you making these - I hae a few to make this year!!