Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mystery Medallion Part Two

I know... two posts in one weekend.  What is the world coming to?

Month Two was all about adding pieced triangles to the centre square.  Once again using the provided fabric (which is the brownish measuring tape fabric - a bit of a Karitane yellow kind of colour, remembering that Karitane nurses used to be the NZ babycare nurses, and Karitane yellow refers to that distinctive colour of baby poo).

When I pulled fabric for this project, in my mind was light and fresh.  I love brown and blue together - so it was a given that lots of blue was going to be used.  A few teals mixed in, and a few more browns to play with the feature fabric.  I liked the neutral tone on tone text fabric which gives a subtle background option.  But going with the more is more design aesthetic, added the stronger text fabric to add a bit of oomph to the project.  Finally I added a grey plaid fabric, just because I liked the depth it gave.

The applique design I chose was from this book by Barbara Brandeburg.

Used in this pattern - Woodland Rose.

This is a bit of a more is more book in its style... some patterns are a bit full on - but check out that border.  Lots of design elements.


  1. looks lovely! You are all ready for the next round.

  2. It doesn't rain, it pours! Love what you did to turn your block on point.

  3. We had a fun day yesterday see all the different blocks that came in - yours looks great! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the next set of instructions!

  4. I wondered who else was taking part in this. So pleased to see your lovely progress so different from mine. Happy Stitching.