Saturday, May 14, 2016

Up to date

Well, the two weeks of school holidays went pretty fast in the end - week one was spent at home with no car... the sucky thing about living in the country is no public transport, taxis or the ability to walk anywhere useful.  Week two was spent catching up with everything I couldn't do in week one.  So we visited friends, went to another stitching evening at Charlottes (which Nadia called in a very lady like term a "stitch and female dog"), visited Spotlight in Whangarei and caught up with my Mum (and bought a roll of batting).

Returning to work after two weeks away is always a bit difficult.  Clearing the in box, the piles of clutter and just getting back into the headspace takes a while.  It is still quite busy at work, so the last two weeks at work have been like a mouse on a wheel... and just in case you've never seen me, I don't have the legs for running!

I caught up on some of my VQR Exchange blocks - where I have given Monika her copy, but had not quite finished piecing my own copy.  And finished a new block to share.  This is a fun block - not overly hard, and could be a good way to use charm squares.

And just because I could, I emptied my design wall of all the odd things I had hanging up there, and started laying out my blocks so far... the downside of having a small sewing space is that it is impossible to get far enough away to fit the whole design wall into your camera frame.

So standing on a wheelie chair... we have the left hand side...

... and the right hand side.
I think the colours have come up a bit more "punchy" than real life, but looking good so far.

I managed to get a few more triangles pieced for the next Sugar Club Exploded block, but damn... those triangles could kill me.  I just keep reminding myself that there are only nine blocks... but we've all been here before - sometimes nine is just the same as ninety nine.

I have resolved to try to get some actual FM quilting done.  Part of my problem with quilting (and or life) in general has been getting back into some sort of routine.  One thing I am aware of in my own makeup, is that once a routine is broken, I will never return to the same routine.  I have worked on my morning routines this year, and as we start term two, I'm pretty happy how that is going.  Now to work on something better for the afternoons.  I think that if I'm going to do any FM work, it should be on my Constellation Quilt - which is half quilted and really deserves to be finished
OK, now I need to click on the Constellation Quilt label at the bottom of this post, because I am sure I must have more photos than this unfinished one.

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  1. I like that little cross block. Lots of possibilities with that one. And yes, I found more photos of the constellation quilt. I'd forgotten you had that one!