Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Importance of Corners and Seam Allowance

Well, it's been a funny old time in the All The Good Ones household.  Dylan injured his knee at school - falling and colliding with a hunk of concrete, resulting in a largish gaping hole.  We have spent the last couple of weeks being vigilant with the disinfectant and cover-up plasters... and finally we are seeing progress.  Somewhere along the line the dog has had a recurrence of her breast cancer... with an ulcerated teat which we ended up getting removed.  A very doped up dog came home from the vets... and after a couple of weeks of extra care, she is almost all better again.  We've had an unveiling (a commemorative ceremony for unveiling a headstone), a celebration party for a dear friend who has asbestos-is, fundraising activities for Nadia's snow trip... mixed in the the normal work/school/home routines.  I am officially knackered!

I've got a bit behind with my VQR sampler blocks.  Monika has been making great strides, with another finish last weekend.  This block is cool seen as an individual, but it creates a very interesting secondary pattern too...

I discovered that the units that were completed for my last block attempt ended up with very small seam allowances on these corner bits.  So my sewing time was spent un-sewing the blocks that had caught up parts, and then undoing the other bits, so I could start over.  I'll need to cut some slightly larger squares.  Hmm.  Oh well!

On the promising progress side of things... I have two whole corners FM quilted!  Woohoo!  This means I am over half way.  I love CORNERS!!!

A little closer...

And just a reminder, the coloured stars have rustic hand quilting... I'm up to the stage now where I need to do some more hand quilting before I can do any more machine work.

One of the Craftsy classes I have had in my wish list had a sale... I just had to buy this Amy Gibson Irish Chain class, because I love this quilt.  Simple.  Clean.  Gorgeous.

I have this fabric bundle, which has sat in my fabric cupboard since about October 2013.  I have been pondering how it would look using the two prints (Larkspur meadow) in the large (beige) triangle position, and using the various solids for the smaller nine patch blocks, and the cream for the cream.  Hmmm... something to think about.  Any opinions?

You may remember that I thought about using the fabric for this particular quilt pattern, but then had a coronary when I realised that it was constructed of 2" strips... no way, no how!


  1. It does sound like you have had all sorts coming your way on the domestic front. You'll be pleased to fit in any sort of stitching. Uh-oh with those corners but how good will you feel to have the block all working as it should :-) YOur quilting is looking great, that's a nice mix, having the rustic and the machine quilting all in one. Have fun with your class!

  2. I have learned something new: dogs with breast cancer! I never knew that. The combo of 'rustic' quilting with your free motion swirls looks great.
    lets hope some normal life comes your way so you don't feel so "Knackered"!

  3. Sounds like you've been busy. Looking forward to good ol' catchup and chinwag over the school holidays and seeing these all in real life.