Wednesday, July 13, 2016

In which I am feeling rather good about quite a lot of things.

Progress in the sewing department is proceeding with almost glacial speed... but progress is progress... and it is all good.

We are now on day three of the Term Two school holidays.  Monday felt like ground hog day with the car going into the panelbeaters first thing in the morning.  Remember, last holidays was spent mostly carless due to the panel repairs needed after a close encounter with a hare.  After a few problems, and ten weeks of pestering the panel repair man, Tuesday afternoon we were back to pick up our nice and newly painted car.  Whew, I am glad to get that out of my hair. 

Monday afternoon I spent some time on EQ7 to draft up "that block" from my VQR sampler... the paper pieced one that was giving me dramas.  Happy to report it worked out fine - it is a dream to piece... and even ends up being somewhere around the right size... well, with the right amount of easing/ironing.

So we have my pieced version...

And Monika's paper pieced version.  Looks pretty much the same huh?  Although you can just see the four patch piecing seams through the centre on Monika's version.

Monika has snuck ahead yet again... or from the other point of view, I have fallen behind... and she has finished up this terrific star block.

I have two more blocks that I want to concentrate on over the holidays and then I will almost be caught up.

And the blocks starting to fill up the design wall.  I am going for a 6x6 layout, so really, still heaps to go.

After some retail therapy over the last couple of weeks, I am feeling really quite good about so many areas of my life.  After my hubby broke his wedding band, it was nice over the weekend to find a new replacement one that we both really liked.  We also located an occasional chair to add to our small lounge seating area (so that the kids can be separated on opposite sides of the room if necessary).  With a new chair as inspiration, I was lucky to track down some new cushions which just happened to be 60% off on special - so bonus!  I do enjoy decorating but have found between the kids and dog sometimes it is just more effort than it is worth.  As an extra bonus the lounge has actually had a decent clean up, so it is looking really good too.  Specials meant that the kids splurged on new polar fleece sheet sets and duvet covers.  I am hoping that their bedrooms can be cleaned up before the holidays are over, but I won't hold my breath.

I bought some new facial cleanser and tinted moisturiser which I am really enjoying using.  With skin that is rapidly aging, as well as having acne... well, lets just say it has been extremely difficult to find products that suit both conditions.  Wearing a tinted moisturiser has encouraged me to wear a bit of makeup on a semi regular basis - which is also something I used to really enjoy, but have lost the enthusiasm for.  As a bit of a treat today, I had my hair cut and highlights put through... so I really am feeling GOOD!  I have also had a chance over the last few days to catch up with good friends and family, so I don't know, it's just been really good.  Isn't that nice?


  1. sounds like a good start to the holidays!

  2. Life's good by all reports! Your VQR sampler is looking great- excellent colour choice!

  3. Hope the good vibes continue Suzanne! And great to see you got 'that block' out of your hair!