Saturday, September 24, 2016

Spot the difference

Day One of the Term Three Holidays...
Weather: Raining
Health: Everybody sick in some way or another.

Although progress has been a bit hit and miss... photographic evidence does help.
Spot the difference in these photos:

Just like those old Pantene adds, it might not happen overnight... but it will happen!  The jumbo-sized blocks are growing.

And spot the difference with these ones...

This is called last minute disco dressing up for an underwater theme... thank heavens for left over face paint...

We have a new quilt on the bed: Star Crossed.

This was a quilt I designed for a magazine submission, so was top secret for quite some time.  Then I had a friend who quite liked it, so I was hesitant to use it incase it was going to be sold.  When that fell through, it disappeared into the pile of finished projects.  What do I love most about this quilt?  Probably that because of the variety of backgrounds used it catches the light... sort of looking like it is permanently placed under a tree with the sun filtering through the leaves... Was this planned?  No, just a happy coincidence and unlikely to be repeated successfully.  Also, this quilt was made entirely from stash.  I am both proud and somewhat embarrassed by this.  Did this BUST the stash?... NO it would appear not :o(  Do they ever?

The quilting was simple... stipple and spirals with a hint of hand quilting around the stars.

A moment of weakness and a Moda sale meant a new package arrived in my post box.  These were the stash builders... a variety of mostly monotone prints...

Some Bonnie and Camille florals to add to the mix in the Sugar Block Club BOM triangle production line...

And a few just because...
Do I have goals for these holidays?  I've been thinking about it, and haven't quite decided whether I am ready for goals yet.  Maybe, I'll let you know.


  1. Some nice looking BIG blocks there......that Pantene really does work! :-)
    Yummy new fabrics too.

  2. Always goals to be reached- if not in the holidays, some time after..... Good to see those big blocks growing!

  3. Those big blocks are looking great. And your face painting skills aren't bad either!!