Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Catch Up

What a week it has been.  Nadia and my husband went on their snow trip last week - so it was just me and Dylan (and the dog) kicking around home by ourselves.  Just another dynamic to get used to... a different split of chores and trying to make the time special for us as well.  And then there was the washing once they got back... well, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but still...

I managed to get some sewing done, and some designing... so it was good all around.

Deciding to sew the Mosaic block for our VQR block swap was an interesting choice.  I find this style of block somewhat frustrating, regardless of how you sew the units, they never really fit together nicely, and resist pressing, regardless of how you try to press them.  Resewing some key intersections (every single frigging time) meant that it turned out OK in the long run (don't look too closely at those seams), but I won't be rushing to make a whole quilt out of this block.

 Monika finished up her version of this block... I do green...

Monika does yellow...

And through a random series of link clicks... I came upon this pattern and thought Eureka!  So I have a plan for a plan, for when the other plan is finished...

A free pattern from Bonnie Hunter
 When I made this pretty block from the Sugar Club BOM, I thought it would be a great block to repeat... and add sashing and cornerstones to make a churndash style secondary pattern...

A bit of a play with EQ7 and I have the starting idea for a new little girls quilt.  Funnily enough Dylan saw it and asked if he could have it in Halloween colours, and I could just imagine it in citrine greens with grey (sort of bright but quite modern and masculine at the same time)... he wasn't at all put of by the flowerlike block centres... it is probably all that "eye of the beholder" stuff.

Excuse the photo of the pre-folded piece of paper!

I'm still sewing triangles like they are going out of fashion, although not appearing to make any progress, and cutting more Starburst Cross blocks. I cleaned the fuzz out of my preferred piecing sewing machine... boy, it has been a while since I did that!  One good thing about my Brother is that you can clean all that stuff without having to unscrew the presser plate (is that the right name??) to get inside the drop bobbin, so I give it a whizz around every time I change the bobbin.  My Bernette is a bit more fiddley, so the cleaning is stretched out until it starts to make weird noises or the stitches come out a bit weird.  Naughty, naughty.  Do you have a machine cleaning regime?


  1. You are too hard on yourself Suz- that Mosaic block looks great! Dylan has a good eye for a striking design!

  2. Your Mosaic block looks pretty darn good from here! Love the mock up of the Sugar Club block - it will be interesting to see what direction this quilt goes!!

  3. That is an awesome quilt design and I can totally see it in masculine colours, or solid brights, or just greys and neutrals, or modern many options!