Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Just a wee bit more

It has been good to get just a little bit more done on most of my projects.

I recently read the following lines in a M/M romance novel, and they really hit my "oh yeah" censors...
"We all must make peace with the intersection of our dreams and reality."  From Tight Knit by Annabeth Albert (about a knitting designer and a barista...)

Anyway, I did mention a bit of progress...

 We have a new Starburst Cross block:

This is a hand dye, or a made to look like a hand dye, in a terrific chartreuse shade.  Do not have any idea where it came from, perhaps someone gave it to me???  But it is exactly the perfect match for this printed fabric.

And we have another VQR block:

And Monikas.  We both liked this block because it was easy to sew, but in hindsight, awkward to piece together into a quilt.  It looks clonky joined together, but equally weird imagining sashing.  So a good option for a sampler quilt I think.

My new fabrics are slowly migrating into the sewing cave, and I finally laid out my new Bonnie & Camille fabrics with their corresponding project.  I had been a bit hesitant with these as in my mind they were a lot muddier than the existing fabrics... but I'm sure the picture shows that they will blend in with the other fabrics just fine, even though they are completely different ranges.

I have even done some more FMQ on the Constellation quilt - which hasn't been worked on since Term Two holidays!  So yeah, my dreams and reality are getting a bit closer :o)

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