Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Perfect Time for a Post

Well, everyone in my family have been sent to their rooms... so the house is nice and quiet.  Perfect time to do some composing and catching up.

Last weekend involved a whirlwind trip to Auckland to buy a new vehicle for my husband, after all the dramas he had had with his previous one.  This was a four hour drive one way... with a small amount of test driving in between.  Luckily the car yard was right next to a KFC outlet which had free wifi... so at least the kids were happy.  On the return trip home I sneakily stopped at The Applebasket Patchwork shop and just happened to find some nice fat quarters to add to my collection.

My normal operation of buying is to select fat quarters, who are then introduced to other like minded fat quarters... and one day they make a grouping big enough for a quilt.  This bundle just wanted to stay by themselves... so I've been thinking about different designs that will allow me to use only a small amount of coloured/patterned fabric - and add a whole heap of solid to create a generous bed quilt. 

This elephant gravitated to some other neutrals, but it was just too cute to not take home.

As if one trip to Auckland wasn't enough, this last weekend was the Festival of Quilts, so I joined a small group of friends who traveled down on Sunday to attend.

There were some wonderful quilts on display, and a great selection of merchants.

These were some of the applique quilts that caught my eye, and I apologize for not taking details of the quilt makers... and for some odd photographs shots.

Someone obviously had a lot of fun embellishing these flowers.

These shapes all were blanket stitched in a blending colour, then edge stitched (probably through all the quilting layers) with a heavier black thread, which created a great thick black outline. 

I didn't take a photo of this whole quilt, but again - the embellishing on this was extreme!

This quilt was part of the Recycled category... a wool blanket, appliqued with a drift of flowers to cover moth holes.

More to come...

I also bought some fabric... no surprise there!


  1. I love your new bundle of fabric, especially that mustard! I just saw this quilt:
    which might appeal to you and could work?!

  2. I'm loving that bundle just how it is too.

  3. That lion is just adorable. Also, rescuing the blanket with the moth holes - what a fantastic idea to use the appliqued flowers. Lots of fun to share in this post!