Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fabric, Designs and Festivals

First up is a bundle of goodies that made their way home with me from Festival of Quilts.

None of these fat quarters seem to have any writing on their selvedges... but I seem to be a sucker for that yellow green colour at the moment.

Another place had bolt ends for sale... this one just read as "handy to have in stash"...

And so my mind goes back to what to do with a smallish bundle of fabrics...

I've always liked these somewhat random wedges...

And this totally improv quilt also appeals for some reason even though I have never sewn anything improv... and don't really know if I want to.

Both of these designs are from this book:

This neutral based and irregularly designed quilt from Tula's Modern Sampler book has also been a favourite.  Although it does remind me that my rainbow version is still sitting unquilted :o(

And this Elizabeth Hartman design uses 8 x 1/4 yards, plus 8 solids and neutral background.

All something to think about while I focus on what I am really supposed to be doing (which is actually housework... but you win some/you lose some).

And now for a few more quilts that caught my eye at the exhibition:

I don't know whether it is the design of this one...

or the scrummy fabrics... or the hand quilting...

This little wall hanging was just perfect.  Colourwise and designwise.

These quilts are just magic... and I particularly like the hints of aqua fabric in the background position.

  Oh yeah, and that quilting!

Simple, bold, modern.  With a nod to traditional.  My kind of quilt.

And this little star was 4" I think... hand pieced:

Which just blows your mind when you see the quilt full sized.  Thanks to Charlotte for being the "comparison" to put it into scale.

I am always drawn to the blue quilts... even though this one did start to make my eyes funny after a while.

OK, that's me for a while... back to that pesky housework.


  1. Love that chartreuse colour myself Suz! It is a very popular shade! I think the wedges pattern is my favourite of all the ones you've featured. I think it is all the negative space!

  2. I love the wedges pattern too. I have that Quilting Modern book on my shelf and had forgotten about it. I need to go revisit it again. :-)