Saturday, December 24, 2016

All I want for Christmas is...

... a Swoon Quilt on the bed!

 I just wanted something bright and summery to match the lovely weather we have been having.  And the small fact that the binding is not quite finished yet was not enough to prevent the Swoon finally getting its time to shine for Christmas.  For all the angst I had putting it together - I now struggle to find those pesky intersections that just wouldn't match up making the blocks.

Beep Beep has been whizzing along...

This got to the stage where I had to think and assess what fabrics were going to go into the missing slots - pins in my design wall worked well to give the visual aid and make sure it was all looking balanced.

Until finally all the blocks have been constructed!  This may well be a new land speed record!

Do you know that there is only one sleep left?

My kids have the job of decorating the tree and I love that it has that "casual" feeling.  A little house means a little Xmas display.

And this little guy crops up every few years when I remember to bring him out at the right time of year.  I'm still surprised that the glue is holding him onto his rockers (repurposed coat hangers).

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Christmas - hope Santa brings you all something nice!


  1. Your Swoon quilt looks fabulous! And you are right, there is no way those pesky points don't line up! As they say, if you can't see it from a horse galloping by....
    Merry Christmas Suz! I hope its a joyous and fun time for you all!

  2. What I meant was that you won't SEE those pesky points at all!!!!

  3. Merry Christmas Suzanne. The Swoon looks beautiful there on your bed, I'm sure Santa was impressed you went to the effort of getting it there - the points look just great!! And Beep beep is progressing extra well :-) Have a wonderful day and festive season ♥

  4. Catching up on blog that Swoon quilt. I, too, have noticed it is hard to find those points that didn't quite match after everything is quilted. And the Beep Beep quilt is very fun...that must mean you are enjoying putting it together!