Saturday, December 17, 2016

OMG it's almost Christmas

As the school year has rolled around to a finish, we have been inundated with school and work activities... more than I can ever remember.  I am so glad that it is now all done with for another year - even though while I have officially finished up at work until the end of January, I will still be making regular appearances to catch up with urgent work requirements.

Hubby has requested that I make a baby quilt for a work colleague.  So out came the books and patterns.  I have some good designs for boy babies, waiting for the right person - now that my own little boy baby is a teenager and is taller than me!  This little traffic sign quilt is perfect for a family involved with roading construction.

Of course I will be working with a slightly scrappier colour palette, although it all does hinge loosely around the green/red/orange/blue stripe.

And progress so far! I think this would be a great first project for someone new to applique. I have chosen a soft grey homespun as my background, which is hopefully a bit more forgiving and practical than a white background per the pattern.

I have now run out of fusible webbing... so off to the shop I must go before any more gets done.


  1. Looking great Suz! It seems like a lot of work!

  2. looks good...cheerful and bright! happy restful holidays to you.

  3. A fun quilt for a wee nice you are 'on holiday' for a while - enjoy it to the max!