Sunday, September 24, 2017

Finishing up to start anew

With winter being so close to being over (I know, technically it is spring but tell the thermometers that!) I figured that if I wanted to get my black denim pinafore dress sewn... so that it could actually be worn this year, I had to pull finger.

But first I had to get my sewing shed floor clear, to have a big enough space to lay it out.

All these 36 blocks needed to be sewn together.

And the baby quilt had to have it's last few rows finished and sewn together too.

Lets just say it's been a busy week!

I need to get a couple of willing helpers to stand outside and hold up my quilt... it is just too big for inside display.  It has been crazy wet the last few weeks... so this is the best you are going to see.  Believe me... it is all in one piece!

The cot quilt on the other hand is just perfect size for one almost 12 year old daughter to hold up inside... I am very happy with how the piecing of this top has gone together, and look forward to getting it quilted soon.

Always wanting "something under the needle" as I finish a seam, I cut up the pieces for Month Two of the Zen Chic triangle quilt-along.  These are triangles with a contrasting tip.

And my blocks so far... in no particular order.

Right, onto clothes sewing again.  I download PDF patterns, so first up was sticking the whole thing together.  Then after a recheck of what size to cut and what length was best (with surprisingly short legs I am so used to cutting the shortest version that I was glad I took the time to check this one... even the long version is short!), I laid out my fabric and pinned out the pattern pieces.

Today I cut things out, and started on the bodice.  I know... a pattern flash enough to have a bodice!  Makes a change from Front and Back!

This is after the darts have been sewn...

And I decided to go with a fun contrasting lining...

This has the bodice front and lining basted together, the straps attached, and the bodice band attached to the top... sewing through all these denim layers was slow going but achieveable. 

And that was the end of my sewing adventures for this weekend!  I still have the pockets to experiment with, the skirt to attach and a zip to install.

In other non-sewing-related news... I bought a new peg bucket!  This was from Briscoes and it is just so cute.  Wouldn't it be good for storing scraps?


  1. Looks like a nice piece of denim there, Suz! I love the idea of the floral lining! Another productive weekend in the She Shed !

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the pinafore finished, it looks like something I would wear. Cute peg bucket, anything to make being a domestic goddess more fun is good.

  3. Busy busy Suzanne, you're getting lots of bits of finishing done! I love that you put a fun lining in your pinafore - only you'll know it's there (and the rest of blogland - but it will make you smile when you wear it! Nadia is a great height for the cot quilt but she does need to grow a little for your bigger ones!

  4. Love the lining too! So cool. And that cot quilt has come together so nicely. You'd have to store rainbow scraps in the peg bucket.

  5. Lots of fun progress. Darts...I never see darts in clothing anymore. Sure is a cute jumper. Hope you get it done soon.