Sunday, September 10, 2017

Let there be SEWING!

I've had a really crazy week - being selected for jury service (even though I didn't end up on the jury) caused a lot of stress and upset... not something I enjoyed at all.  I also had emotional ups and downs after investigating a possible new sewing machine... but unfortunately that fell through.  So instead I bundled up my trusty little Bernette machine and took it off to get serviced.  As a result, I turned to some FMQ which I compete on my larger Brother machine.

Last time I worked on my Stack Shuffle Slide quilt, I was partway through the second quarter...

Working on this interlocking boxes sort of all over pattern.

A week later and I've now got three whole quarters finished! Woot.

Looking at it from the other angle, you can see all that lovely texture.  Yum!

Once I had reached this milestone, I was itching to do some more piecing... so even though my Brother can be a bit of a pain to piece with, I set it up and away I went... my strip sets have been slowly decreasing on the TATW quilt and that was great motivation to get some more done.  I think I've lost a week somewhere in this quilt along.

And now I have a heap of new blocks.  I needed to pull some more fabrics as I discovered to my surprise that I had already cut up most of the original pull!  I found some Stof fat 1/8ths that fit the bill, and they have a lovely subtlety that combines well with my other fabrics.

 Only TWO left to go!  Hard to believe that is 36 blocks, with a finished quilt size of 90" square.

With the stink weather we have been having, I figured a nice Spring like quilt was due on the bed (even though we had a frost), so straightened out my Swoon quilt - and remembered that I love it.

Also remembered that it is not quite finished.

I also started a new project!  Oops, but I can't control other people from having babies now, can I?  I really like these green, aqua and yellow geometrics for a Spring baby boy quilt.

Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley has some great simple but effective designs.

And it started looking good pretty early on... I decided to make it slightly smaller than the pattern with only 4 squares across, and 5 squares down.

I've got the top row pieced now, and working on the first sashing strip.

And, because I have other projects already on The List, I pulled out all my orange scraps for this months RSC colour.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to get these ironed and cut out this week.


  1. You are very productive Suz! Love the quilting on the Stack, Shuffle, Slide quilt , and the new baby quilt is looking great too!

  2. I am in awe of your quilting. Your TATW is going to be huge, but oh so beautiful.

  3. TATW is looking so impressive! Hope your quilting got you in a zen state and calmed your mind down. I hate court with a passion and my blood pressure rises any time I have to go near it. I was just called for jury service too, but had it deferred for a year seeing as I had to appear in court as a witness that same week!!