Monday, August 28, 2017

Winding Down to the End of the Month

Somehow August just seems to keep on going... I managed to piece together all the Tillies Lane blocks into one huge square.  This was one of my Epic Quilt Challenges from the start of the year.  Now I just need to make some final decisions on borders.  One challenge at a time.

I have also sewed and sewed and got through "almost" all of the TATW blocks for the last two weeks.  These blocks I had sewn the strip sets, but not subcut or repieced.  One more block to go, and then these 8 are finished, and only 8 more to go until the quilt top has all its blocks pieced.

I decided to trial a Saturday night sew in with Barefoot Quilter on instagram... I'm not much of a night time quilter - having my sewing cave in an external garage means it is not overly social or pleasant to disappear to in the middle of the night.  And having something move in there that was not me, kinda put me off the whole experience.  Once the heart rate had returned to normal, I reorganised my blocks into a totally different layout, and am now pondering whether I like the offset square look... excuse the dark depressing middle of the night photo!

or whether to go back to the multiple radiating squares...

As the month end approaches, I realise that I haven't started the Carol's Quilts mystery for this month (don't tell Charlotte).  So today has been spent cutting and piecing the first few units of this months mystery.  We are up to Month 4 now, so only two more months to go before the mystery is revealed.  Very exciting!

No Rainbow Scrap Challenge for me this month - this months colour was neutral, and I decided that my rainbow didn't need neutral.  I'm looking forward to next month to see what colour we are working with and get back into this project.

And I think that about finishes my monthly roundup.  Next month I'm keen to get the last four My Tweets blocks framed, and attached to the centre unit, and get back to FMQ on the Stack, Shuffle Slide quilt.  Lots going on here...


  1. Charlotte reads your blog.....!
    And she's impressed by your Tillie's Lane looking all pretty and bright.
    She's also impressed by your TATW and votes for the first option, if you are taking opinions.
    And she'd like you to know that Month 5 mystery quilt instructions are all scheduled and ready to go on Sunday!

  2. Ooo, Suz! I remember when you just started Tillie's Lane, and look at it now!! And your TATW blocks are stunning in that off-set layout. I can imagine how loud I'd scream if I were sewing in the night like that and some"one" other than me moved in there. =8O

  3. Look at that Tilly's Lane! looking fabulous........happy times choosing fabric. Perhaps you need to turn your stash upside down like I did! :-)

  4. Lots of variety in your projects, loving your TAW blocks!

  5. Your Tilly's Lane looks fabulous! Do you think it needs borders? I like the crisp look of it! (And I'm not going to comment on the use of my apostrophe!!!)

  6. My sewing room is of my garage too, so completely understand how you feel about sewing/not sewing in the cooler months. I'm liking the off centre look for your TATW.

  7. Well done!! You are getting through those projects very well - and keeping up Pretty Well - kudos to you.