Friday, August 4, 2017

A little bit, and a little bit and a little bit

While it hasn't felt like I've been getting much done, in fact, a little bit of progress, repeated often, does eventually result in progress that you can see with the naked eye!

I got the last two TATW blocks sewn together - that's the last two from last week - not the last two in the project!

So all up 12 blocks completed so far.  This takes up my entire design wall and I will need to move my desk and ironing board to get the blocks laid on towards the bottom.

Meanwhile, Tillies Lane has steadily been growing!  I finally made a decision on the centre block... well, it sort of decided itself, but it is done and sewn together now, so no changing it.

And I spent odd bits of time during the week squaring up the large applique blocks and sewing them together, along with the first section of hourglass blocks.

And today I got the centre panel completed, and sewed together my first "chunk" of blocks. 

Now I'm working on the right hand side... making another chunk to attach, and I laid out my remaining hourglass blocks at the top, to see how many more need to be sewn... not all that many!  Bonus.

I have decided that I am just a sucker for a sale... Spotlight had a 40% off all fabric sale and I had an extra 20% off voucher; and although I couldn't face shopping in person (I know, tragic - but it happens), decided to try out their online experience.  A couple of days later a humongous package arrived.

I also needed more winter sheets, which also happened to be on special, so those were the first into the cart.

I ordered a wide backing fabric, hoping it would be suitable for the Orphan Block Medallion... but check out the state of the fabric!  Honestly, it was disgusting how it had been packaged.

The actual fabric is lovely - these butterflies are huge... so once the wrinkles have been ironed out (and the quilt actually finished), it will be a beautiful match.

I also found this stripe - which I think could be perfect for my RSC quilt.  Or I would be quite happy just putting it into my stash for another day... and stroking it now and then.

And these pretty fat quarters just were too enticing.

I have worked out that Instagram is also bad for encouraging shopping activities!  Treehouse Textiles tempted me and a different package arrived with a new pattern...

... and a starter pack of fabric.  

I haven't looked too hard at either the pattern or the fabrics yet - yes, I know I have too much going on already... but it is something to look forward to.  Maybe around Xmas?


  1. I have never tried online shopping at spotight. That stripe looks intriguing, I may have to check that out in person there.

  2. Oh dear! The dangers of online shopping! I have to try very hard to resist the temptation you are putting before me! Pretty butterflies!