Sunday, August 20, 2017

In which nothing really gets finished at all

It seems like it was just last week that I was sewing bias stems... wait, it was just last week. 

And this week it has been more of the same... just a different coloured basket (the moment when I realise that the photo is on my instagram photos and not on here).  Anyway - just imagine the picture above and change the basket to purple. 

I didn't manage to finish this border section this week - by Tuesday my week has turned into a rerun of Groundhog Day last week, so I changed things up a bit and sewed together my strip sets for the next four TATW blocks... which I didn't get finished either.

Saturday was set aside for Tillies Lane and I put my "get it done" pants on and made the remaining 20 hourglass blocks and cut enough plain squares to fill in all the gaps.  I had ended up with a whole heap of green blocks, and needed a mix of other colours to blend things in.  It was actually a lot harder to place all the blocks in this final top section compared with the other three sides - where I just randomly put down colours that I liked, making sure that the next block was not the same colour. 

And progress by this afternoon - I have two larger chunks put together on the top section (far left, and far right), with the middle section still mostly unpieced.

I had bought a metre piece of this little floral fabric, just because I liked it.  Accidentally placing it next to my Tillies Lane project made me realise that although it has limited colours (only one shade each of red, yellow, blue, green, white and the grey background) - it toned in really well with the multicoloured blocks.  Funny how you can never really pick how fabrics are going to work together.  I would have thought that  border fabric would need to include a whole heap of colours to work with such a wild range of blocks.

The quilt pattern finishes at 63" so I would want to add a border regardless - I just need to decide whether it needs a narrow plain border first... or to just whack a larger - maybe 5" border on.

Life it always full of decisions isn't it?


  1. Decisions, decisions! I would do a narrow red or yellow border, before you add the grey floral! That's my two bob's worth, any way!

  2. It sure is! Mmm is the a stripe of two or three colours that you could use first, then the floral border?

  3. Hi Suzanne, it's interesting to have a catch up read after seeing you - and your projects - on Saturday! It was nice to see everything in person - I wonder how your decision making is going?!!