Thursday, November 16, 2017

Oh hello...

Yes I'm still here!  We have had visitors for the last ten days... and my sewing shed and adjoining spare room (which is the quilt layout and basting zone) have had people living in them!  With my sewing machines pushed into a corner and my fabric unavailable, I've been busy reading and staying in touch on Instagram.

Some of you follow David on Facebook, and you'll know all about the daily adventures, while me and the kids have been at work and school.  Here we have just about everyone, the photographer was Amanda, a good friend who also came to stay.  But mostly our family just grew with some Australian based imports, and we all had a great time.

So this is my hubby and his kids and grandchild.

With his two eldest boys... Jesse and Josh

With Josh, daughter in law Steph and grand daughter... Leni

And just with a very cute little grand daughter... who grew four new teeth and was a bit grizzly but still managed to be the centre of everyone's attention (and boy she knew it!)

Although it was sad to see everyone head home, it has meant I can get back to my regular scheduled programming.   With my design wall completely free, I have put up my completed blocks so far for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt.  Excuse the odd angle.  Measuring 52 x 82 finished, it is a long skinny quilt.  I am planning to add something to the sides to make it a bit wider.

There are 6 blocks left to fill in the gaps.  I repeat SIX blocks!  The pattern was in a Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr Modern Quilt calendar for 2017 - Katsura.

I did not manage to get any of the pink blocks sewn for Octobers colour of the month.  November is either a "dark" month - or alternatively make the colour blocks you need to make your design work, with the idea of putting the blocks together in December.  I think this is a really sensible way to end up the challenge, because it is often when you lay things out and assess, that you realise you need a certain thing to make it all work.  I think I will make some pink blocks (which will balance out the pink in the multicoloured blocks), and maybe some with black and white prints.

I also desperately need to catch up with my Bernina Triangle quilt Viper... have lost track of where I'm supposed to be, and what I've got done.  This will be weekend project number 1.


  1. Great family get together. But I bet it's nice to have your creative space back.

  2. I am SEW in love with this quilt!!! OK - so I say that EVERY time you show it, I can't help it. Have fun rediscovering your sewing space now that the relatives have gone home!

  3. Fabulous family time Suzanne - it does look like you were all bursting at the seams! Nice to see your RSC quilt up - I've decided I really need another design wall, I never get enough work done to clear it for looking at another quilt!

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