Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sewing Time

Once I had carved out a little bit of usable space in my sewing shed, I was back into creating again, cutting and stitching.  The fact that I still want to reorganise the rest of the sewing space is a secondary consideration and will happen probably in the middle of Xmas.  As I want to get my Orphan block medallion quilt finished before Xmas... I figured this was top priority.

Working with a square design, I knew that at some point it would need borders top and bottom to make it a rectangular single bed size.  Now was that time!  I just needed to decide what size the blocks were going to be, and single out a block I wanted to add that complemented the design.  Easy peasy!

After much adding and dividing, ahming and ahing, I decided on a 13" block for the bottom border, which meant five blocks across.  Then it was just the easy matter of working out a block that finished at 13".  Did I mention easy peasy?

Rescaling the flower block from my Craftsy Dash to the Finish quilt worked out well.  And alternating with a Courthouse Steps block meant that I didn't need to join the triangles together at the block intersections.  That's called cunning design skills! 

Just the top applique border to complete now, and I'll be onto quilting.

On the clothes sewing side of things, I have finally found some fabric that I want to make up into some of the patterns I have bought over the last few months.

I bought this Sew House Seven Tea House Dress pattern after seeing it made up in a floral fabric.  It was really pretty and summery... so the picture on the front, and in fact the line drawing were a little bit of a surprise on closer examination.

Spotlight had some great sales on, and after locating this rayon fabric, I decided to take the plunge and hope for the best.  

I don't mind the tiled pattern printing exercise... although it does seem overwhelming at times.

After ironing almost 5m of fabric... I was finally ready to lay it out.  Of course, I still seem to have a whole heap of fabric left.  This fabric measured at 135cm wide... so I went with the requirements for the 112cm layout just in case.  I need to straighten, pin and cut but that can wait for another day.

I also bought some Tencel fabric for these Burnside Bib overalls also from Sew House Seven.

This lovely Olive Tencel has a lovely drape, and I am a sucker for overalls.  Just have to hope that they look somewhat like the pattern.


  1. 5 metres of fabric!? That seems ridiculous to me! I think you'll be able to make a blouse with the leftovers! And the border you added to the Medallion quilt is great! Good designing skills indeed!

  2. Your medallion quilt is growing well and you came up with a great plan for changing its shape. Yes, very clever to alternate blocks so you're not trying to match/join those seams. Looks like you are enjyoing your clothes sewing...the hunt for the right fabric is often the stumbling block for me...then finding the time to sew it up....

  3. Your Medallion quilt is looking wonderful. I love the borders, glad your maths all worked out!

  4. This medallion quilt is so pretty, and I love your clothing fabrics.

  5. Looking great! Maths is never ever my strong point! Pretty fabric for the dress. Enjoy your time shuffling your sewing space, it can be fun.

  6. I really like your new decorative designs! it's so beautiful so much and good idea on site.


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