Sunday, December 3, 2017

Slow Sewing

As I approach clothes sewing projects now, I feel like I have a lot more patience and respect for the preparation side of the project.  With space set aside where I don't have to rush to get things laid out, pinned and cut in a short period of time (to allow TV viewing or life in general) - I can take my time, really trying to achieve a good result, and knowing that I can continue tomorrow if needed.

So it's been a quiet week of laying out fabric, cutting out pattern pieces and slowly working my way through the early stages of my dress pattern - stay stitching and those other weird practices that I always ignored in the past.  For some reason my Bernette sewing machine has hated sewing the rayon fabric I am using... so much to my disgust, I had to resew several sections where the sewing gathered up and the tension was crappy.  Luckily, my Brother Innovis was much better behaved.  I did end up with this rather oddly shaped yoke section.

Pretty sure this is supposed to lay flat.

Resewing has meant that it does indeed sit flat - although there are still the odd funny bits, I'm calling this a win.

This has knocked my confidence a bit, and I'm not sure now whether I'm going to like the finished product.  I have remembered why I don't like sewing with Rayon - it is just a beast to handle.  At this stage, all I can do is continue and hope for the best.

In general sewing shed news, I finally decided to remove the frame from my enormous custom built work desk, and use this space as work space - instead of general junk holding space.  I think this is about 3m long.

I also added a few new fat quarters to my stash... thanks The Country Yard!

And I added some new Denyse Schmidt patterns to my collection after a Black Friday sale with Hawthorne Threads.  Best of all, they don't charge freight on their pattern purchases... and these are some patterns I've had on my wish list for a while.

I have struggled with getting the last border done for my Medallion quilt.  Losing the fabric, and then the fusible web meant it was all just too hard.  Yesterday I played with some fonts and poster printing...

And after finally tracking down the other supplies I needed, fused and laid out the letters.  This is a 5 1/2" cut strip.

I think this will work :o)  Bring on the blanket stitch next week, when it is hopefully not too hot!


  1. Rayon does play hard! You really do need to show who is boss! The "Dallas" border is looking great though...quilting cottons are much better behaved!

  2. Great border......I love font prints! Is it worth trying your walking foot for the pesky fabrics?

  3. Being able to shut the door and come back later plus having space to create makes such a difference, especially when you are time poor. I rememeber trying to sew those sorts of fabrics too - and remember that a great deal of patience is needed! And I'm sure that same patience will be rewarded :-) Great work on the border- I like that font you've used.

  4. Oh, it is *frustrating* when a machine refuses to work with a fabric! Hopefully your garment will be like many quilts, and happily surprise you after sticking with it and finishing!

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