Sunday, December 10, 2017

FMQ... Bring it on!

The medallion quilt is all basted and FMQ has started!  With a pre-Xmas deadline... this one will be a tight finish, as I'm not known for my quick quilting skills :o)

The backing fabric is a pretty wide back from Spotlight.  Even though I really like it, and it works terrifically with the front - I can't help but wonder if it is slightly creepy.

Although the Invisifil thread I've used on the centre white section broke ALL.  THE.  TIME.  I finally got this bit finished stitching at a seriously reduced speed.  So hard to get nice curves and even stitching going this slow.

Switching to another thread, I did a variety of fillers on the butterfly wings... spirals...


Sort of a greek key design...

And a stipple following a wiggly stem...

The grey border/sashing I have done a couple of FMQ wiggly lines.  I'm thinking about making this three lines, although you can hardly see it on the front, hence the back shot.

And the threads... a grey Wonderfil Invisifil 100wt in the sashing and a pretty pastel 40wt Gunold thread in the butterfly border.  The thread that keeps breaking is an off-white Invisifil on a cone.  The grey thread has been fine.  One of the mysteries of FMQ.

The first day of the school holidays is traditionally tree trimming day.  Nadia was in charge this time, although I heard Dylan giving his opinion along the way.  This year it is all about the tinsel and the lights... hardly any decorations.  Well... it does look pretty!


  1. Looks great, I like that backing, doesn't look creepy to me? Sorry I could help more with your thread problems.

  2. I need to borrow a child or two to help with the Christmas tree decorating! And basting is out of the question.... I like the backing. I've never looked for wide backs at Spotlight. I hope you have the quilting finished in no time, now that you've worked out the thread issues.

  3. Great progress on the quilting Suzanne - it looks like lots of fun with all the different fillers. Wise move to not get all worked up about the breakages and change the thread you were using...have you had trouble with that one before? We've picked out our tree but it's still up the farm so we're not looking at all Christmassy yet!

  4. Wow! You go! I am a super slow quilter, so I get it. I also have plenty of experience with the breakage problem and the woes of having to go slower than smooth quilting wants to go. Our poor trees have lights only - nothing else yet! It's looking like they'll be that way until Devon comes home for her visit on the 18th. . . Well, it could make a fun first day with her, putting on the music and everyone decorating - kinda an old-fashioned day. :)

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